Does Anyone Know Where i Can Send a Letter to Joe Quesada?

This isn't a fan rant or anything this is actually for school purposes. See I'm writing a paper on some of the downsides in the comic book industry as of late and part of that project involves me sending a letter to someone related to the issue. I chose Joe Quesada of course for his one more day story he did but i assure you it is not a fan rant. I just want to send him this letter as a look back at the whole thing now that we've seen where spidey's life is now. Now i obviously don't need to send this letter to him but i really want to. I want to actually send it to him and see if he responds back, which i doubt he would since this wouldn't be the first time he got a letter over this but i at least want to try.

So if anyone can help me with that i would really appreciate that since i can't seem to find his email or mailing address online. Thanks again guys and i will have the next entry in my comic blog series up soon!