National Hospital for Meta-Humans

"We have an incoming, priority one." There was a hustle between the nurses and doctors as they got their orders, standing in the ambulance bay and waiting for the special transport that would be bringing in their newest patient.

"What's the deal? Emerging powers? Mind-controlled rampage? Did they kill anybody? Are we taking special precautions?" It was the interns first day and he had eight questions for every order. Nobody really minded, it was how the new guys learned.

"She has erratic behavior and according to the EMT's, she's got memory loss." It was just then that the transport rolled in. With delicate ease and efficient quickness the screaming girl was unloaded onto a stretcher and wheeled into the hospital. Her appearance was a bit out of the ordinary; white hair and pitch black eyes, but it was nothing that they hadn't seen before.

"She was found at the edge of the city in the midst of a crater. No physical harm was done to her, but she's been rambling in a mixture of Latin and English about anything and everything, however none of it makes sense. There's no clue as to how she got there and we've been unable to determine what her powers are. There's no explanation." Just then she reared up on the stretcher, screaming something indecipherable.

An auto-injector of tranquilizers was unloaded into the vein in the crook of her elbow to quell her nonsensical ramblings. Fifteen minutes later and she was settled into the psych ward, strapped to the bed for her own safety and that of everybody else's. A mutant gene inhibitor was running in the room, coursing through her veins in order to suppress her powers until they could figure out how to treat her.

One Day Later

Her eyes snapped open, the deep black irises blending with her pupils. Her hair was ragged around her face and it took her a couple of seconds to realize she was not home. Her mind was racing with thoughts and for a few brief moments, they were lucid. Then everything crept up on her and the deluge removed her momentary glimpse of sanity.

Rearing against the restraints an animalistic scream escaped her mouth before a stream of what appeared to be nonsensical rambling was picked up on the surveillance that had been placed in her room. Her voice was low and quiet this time, in direct contradiction to previous events. "There are snakes in the grass. Where they lay I do not know. Their serpents poison shall kill the last. The first to fall is last to go." Her body levitated slightly, her hair rising around her in a non-felt wind, one that effected only her. "Two shall fall, one shall die, goddess save them all, deities mourn as old gods die."

The nurses and doctors rushed into the room and injected her again, this time to no avail. Her Latin and Greek ramblings fell on deaf ears, they simply thought she was crazy. She wasn't. She was The Oracle, the All Seer, the Keeper of Knowledge and hunter of deities when needed. Her name was many and none, lost to the books she was now known mainly as Oracle. Hidden away in legend and myth. Somebody had attempted to remove her from her position. Details were vague, memories were gone, all she knew was her purpose.

"A soul misplaced yet still alive, Death shall find his place and once again thrive." Her body fell prone to the bed, giving the illusion that the drugs had worked. All the medical personnel backed away. In a surge of unprecedented power, a pure white light cascaded through the hospital. Sending a massive surge of electricity throughout the hospital and knocking all in attendance into a state of unconsciousness.

Pulling her restraints off of her with the most graceful of touches, Oracle stripped clothes from those she came across until she was wearing ill-fitting scrubs that were in nearly direct contrast to her warrior nature. Her steps were unsure and rickety, her body on the brink of absolute exhaustion. She had no idea where she was going, just that her body and instincts were leading here there.

Exiting the hospital, she blinked in the sunlight. There was unrest, she could feel it in her heart. The real question was, who had tried to take her out of commission and why? That was all she could focus on with everything but her barest of instincts stripped from her.