Black Adam or Emperor Palpatine

He's awesome and he's ruler of Kahndaq. I know this won't really help but still, I think he trained Osiris to be his sidekick, so why not me?
The Emperor is a wise teacher, even though he's insanely evil (kinda like a tall, evil Yoda). He's trained many Sith Lords and they've come out well at killing Jedi and conquering planets. He'd be my second choice as a mentor.



Ruler of Kahndaq                              Ruler of the Empire

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Evil Heroes

I think that the best supervillains are the ones that mirror their superhero rivals. It's been done many times and it's a trick that's still creative. Nearly all superheroes have evil copycats don't you think?

Spider-Man-Venom, Carnage
Superman-Bizarro, Ultraman, General Zodd, Jax-Ur
Batman-Owlman, Wrath
Hal Jordan-Sinestro, Power Ring, Atrocitus, Agent Orange
GLC (Green Lantern Corps)-Sinestro Corps
Jay Garrick-Rival
Barry Allen-Prof. Zoom, Johnny Quick
Wally West-Zoom
Kid Flash-Kid Zoom
Iron Man-Titanium Man, Iron Mongor
Capt. America-Master Man, Red Skull

The list is endless.

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The Master

He has a TARDIS and he has a David Tennant like attitude. He'll always make fun from a small situation.

 Laser Screwdriver...who'd have sonic?
Rightly said...rightly said



Black Adam's brother in law (I think). He has Black Adam's powers. More or less the evil Capt. Marvel Jr.

That is if he is evil...


I like a few animals

Technically, Dracula and other vampires can turn into animals, so he kind of counts as an animal.
One of my favourite animal characters is Brian Griffin from Family Guy.

"Who's leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here?"
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Star Trek and terminator salvation



It's good

Kids in comic books are good. I mean what's so bad about little heroes and even little villains running around with their superhero (or villain) friends. I mean some of the world's greatest heroes started out as kids like Nightwing, Wally West, Kyle Rayner (I think) and even Luke Skywalker!

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