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390234 New Character Character Overview I don't believe Batman from the Arkham series has been added here, so I thought it was fine to add him. He has a comic book series called, Arkham Unhinged which ties into the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games. There's also five issues of Arkham City. 03/16/14 09:56PM 50 Denied
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183151 New Character Character Overview I couldn't find a wiki page for the assassin from Assassin's Creed 3 (fifth console instalment) under any of his names. So I thought I'd make one under his most commonly used name "Connor Kenway". 08/14/13 06:30AM 50 Denied
183109 Sam Fisher Character Overview Sorry for the excessive updates. Next update will cover the major story arcs,and his skills. 08/14/13 05:16AM 64 Approved
181181 Sam Fisher Character Overview 08/12/13 05:22PM 58 Approved
180930 Sam Fisher Character Overview Still have a lot to add to his bio. 08/12/13 05:57AM 56 Approved
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