This Week's Buy List

So now that the new 52 has been running for over a year now, and now that we have gotten through 0 month, I thought it would be a good time to revisit my blog space. When the new 52 initially relaunched I was buying all 52 comics. Since then, with the holidays approaching, I have cut the list of comics I buy significantly getting rid of books that weren't holding my interest and making room for new comics that I want to check out. Coming up this Wednesday, the list of Comic Books I plan on buying and reading are as follows (In no particular order)

1. Batgirl #13 - I have cut out a lot of bat family books such as Catwoman, Batwoman, and Batwing because I have just had little interest in the characters or their stories. Some of them will make the list this month just because I am getting ready to enjoy the new Joker storyline. But Batgirl has been, in my opinion, an very enjoyable book week in and week out. Maybe I'm just a sucker for redhead Barbara Gordon and her return to the bat suit and retirement as Oracle with the launch of the New 52.

2. Batman #13 - This one is obvious for many fans of the current books coming out of DC. While I am new to the DC Universe, this is a title that new and old fans alike have been enjoying and it is consistently on the top of many peoples lists month in and out.

3. Batman and Robin #13 - This one I can actually take or leave. There are some moments I enjoy, but other moments just seem to leave me wanting more or confused about the current timeline (aka Batman and Robin #0). It's still on my list because I have the money to spend. If I need room on that list for other titles later, I may drop this one.

4. Demon Knights #13 - I have really been enjoying this title and the medieval and magical setting it comes from. I REALLY like the recent reveal that the Demon Knights were an early incarnation of StormWatch (See StormWatch #0 for details on that). Though I have been liking the story, it was hard for me to get to deep in the book because there wasn't any real impact on the rest of the DC books. The StormWatch tie in really changed that for me.

5. Green Lantern Corps #13 - This is another book that I am kinda neutral on. I don't feel any great connection to either John Stewart or Guy Gardner (Though I did like Guy's history in GLC #0). I do like knowing what the Green Lanterns Corps are up to on a galactic scale, but so far the stories haven't felt very compelling. I have continued reading it for the build up to the Third Army, but if there is a need for space on my list in the future, this book might get left by the wayside.

6. Phantom Stranger #1 - The 0 issue on this title was only mediocre but I am going to give the title a chance first. I'd like to follow this book because of the possible connection to the coming Trinity Wars.

7. Ravagers #5 - Teen Titans spin off. I am still giving this title some time to impress me because of my former loyalty to Gen 13. So Caitlin Fairchild has some time to grab my attention with her new team, though I missed the #0 issue.

8. Suicide Squad #13 - This title has been waning since the first arc ended and the title revamped Harley's origin story a bit. I wasn't a fan and the recent story and betrayal by a team member had me less than enthusiastic, though I enjoy the concept of the book. There is too little time spent on character development before team members are killed off.

9. Uncanny Avengers #1 - I was loosely following the events of AvX by keeping up with news on this site. As a teenager and young adult, I read only Marvel books on and off through various big events. When DC kicked off the New 52, I started reading comics again but have been avoiding Marvel comics. But with the release of Marvel NOW comics I may start picking up a few titles to see what is going on.

Please feel free to discuss my choices with me! I am open to different perspectives and opinions.