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An anti-hero..?

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Namor The Sub-Mariner. Is He a Good Guy or a Bad Guy?

Well. I Don't Know if He is a Good Guy or a Bad Guy?

Anti Hero

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he's an a**hole.

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More of an Anti-Villain really.

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He has a brain disorder! Don't be bigots!

Just kidding, but he does have a mood-disorder because of his racially mixed heritage that explains his mood swings from heroism to super-villan & back and forth.

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He's a big piece of Anti-Hero...

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He's both.

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Hes indifferent really just what benefits him and his people he'll do it

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Depends on the perspective. He's an anti-hero from the human perspective. He's a hero from the Atlantean perspective.

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Idk or care, id rather read aquaman

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Neither, he's just a guy.

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@night_thrasher: I'm half sea turtle and I have met Namor and let me tell you he is an A-Hole of thte highest order. He eat my cousin five time removed on my great uncle Fran's sisters husbands side.

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He's a dick

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He's been both over the course of his existence but he's generally considered a good guy.

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He's a badass.

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Anti Villain

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Depends on who's writing him.

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A douche

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Anti Hero

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@z3ro180: I hear they have it really bad around Lemuria.

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Namor does what is best for his people. He will most likely help the good guys, but if something threatens his people, he will be the bad guy.

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An a$$hole

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He's a king.

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@z3ro180: heard his passport info wasn't correct and they hassled him at customs

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He sucks. ^__^

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He's more of a hero but with a douchy personality but I love him in New Avengers his arrogance is one of my favorite trait he has in the series.