comic-vine, did I miss something?

I haven't seen any new quests in a while, also the weekly recap with Babs ended but with nothing to replace it. I'm guessing cutbacks or are new projects taking up everyone's time?

I'm not on Twitter <anymore - that's another subject> so no idea if anyone from Comic Vine was there in person to report on the latest and the newsbreaking


still here

still here on Comic Vine and here's my 3 cents as to the comic world:

1. brought several #1s of the new DC run, looks promising and the changes make things interesting. I'll continue collecting until I get bored

2. Superman's rewrite sounds fresh which was the point

3. here's my take on why I'm not freaking out over Starfire and Catwoman's spreads: I work overnights at a grocery store and take my lunch from 2:30 to 3. Now that is the normal time in our area that clubs and bars shut down. So I often on the weekend see many women dressed for partying and honestly I've seen questionable outfits <along with levels of drunkness> so a comic drawn picture just honestly doesn't compare when I see women willingly dress for attention almost every weekend. so you want to complain, come to my store and see how some of the girls dress who might have never read a comic and ask where their ideas of outfits come from if not from comics?

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latest thoughts

finally quit Twitter for good, low self esteem doesn't go well with Twitter.  I forget the old rule, just because I'm not in high school anymore doesn't mean high school left me alone.  Still a wall flower and on Twitter, well, that makes you more invisible than ever before. But enough about that.... 
Just had a thought about the whole DC and "not enough women" crisis that erupted recently.  How come we haven't heard from any women actually working at DC??  I want their thoughts, not just the top branch and the PR machine.  What about the women who have actually tried getting into DC, their success stories, there must be some out there.  Tired of all the negative stories about women NOT being featured, how about something that doesn't make me think Planet Earth sucks and deserves the RED BUTTON OF DOOMSDAY

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my review of Green Lantern

Here's the deal, I saw Green Lantern and didn't think it sucked for the following reasons: 
1.  Ryan Reynolds actually worked as Hal Jordan, who else are you going to find that can do smart ass remarks, and still be young enough to possibly do another or even 2 more Green Lantern movies? 
2.  Intro of Oa and the Guardians worked, we the fans know the Guardians are standoffish blue boys.  Okay so they not even remotely that tall in the comics but they didn't move or anything 
3.  Having 2 villians worked okay since Hector was just a creepy wanna stalk Carol Ferris kind of twit.  Parallax worked as a threat, just want to find out who did his voice, all nice and deep.   
4.  Setting up the grounds for Yellow Lantern Corps was smart, it's the 2nd most well known concept in Green Lantern comics.  If there's a GL2, I want hints dropped of the other Lantern Corps. 
Things I didn't think worked so well: 
1.  Music, nothing stood out as OMG, want to listen to again..   
2.  Carol Ferris, maybe I just don't think Blake Lively is ready to commit to Carol Ferris, part 2 or 3 should have her become a Star Sapphire and she doesn't strike me as strong enough to go toe to toe with Sinestro   
3.  Krona merging with Parallex???  Krona deserves his own movie with all the crap he can do against the Guardians and the Lantern Corps.   
 4.  Should have mentions or other cameos to show this is the DC Universe, making these movies but all standalones puts DC way way behind Marvel, Marvel's bringing in the curious and the fans to see who or what's named dropped or showed. DC, get on this. 
Overall, I liked the movie and will buy it since I have the 2 animated Green Lantern movies already.  


different question coming out of the renumbering of DC comics

I have a different question for DC fans.  Instead of complaining about the renumbering, let's focus on which series we'll continue, pick up or just drop.  I'm currently collecting: 
Green Lantern 
Green Lantern Corps 
Emerald Warriors 

Teen Titans 
Action Comics 
Adventure Comics 
Power Girl 
Legion of Superheroes 
so the big question will be which series will vanish, either temp or perm, and which new series will I add.  It's too early to tell which series will keep the fans or drive them away.  Personally the 52 series sounds like throwing things at a wall and seeing which sticks.  

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a rant so excuse my annoyance

I just read that Lindsay Lohan wants a role in the upcoming Superman movie.  The part that annoyed me was the often overused PR line "It's been a dream of hers" to star in Superman.  *&%(*&^*&%&^$ C#%#*^&%)(*&*+)*+_)*  That spoiled girl wouldn't know a superhero even if they were in a parade in front of her!!!!   For the sake of everyone else, DO NOT  let Lohan be in any Superman movie, both of the Reeves would go Black Lantern on Earth if that happened. 


plan for 2012

yes it's early to plan for 2012 but I need to make a game plan and stick with it.  Since it's clear <however many arguments to the contrary> that most of the big names go to the West Coast conventions, I will have to plan to go to one on their side in 2012.  Here's why: 
1.  Most of the Geekettes I've heard of on Twitter and read their tweets live over there.  So to prove the pics aren't faked, photocropped, drawn real, real real well, I might see them in person to believe the hype.   
2.  Most of the big names go there first since most seem to live there, so clearly I most invade their home towns instead of them trying to find mine <not that hard to be honest> 
3.  yes I would be paying more to go there instead of to NYC <7 hours by train> but judging by the pics and panels, they give more for your buck there so I must make this my Mecca trip as a Geek 
4.  Bragging rights just to say I went all the way over there.  Am I right?


my beef <smallville I'm looking at you>

So they bring in Conner Kent into smallville.  They got most of the details right which works for's my beef.  You have a show that's on it's final legs...what do you do, you bring in younger characters in hope of doing a potential spin off.  The only two shows I know of that did spin offs that worked well were Buffy/Angel and Doctor Who/Torchwood.  History hasnt been too kind to some spin offs in TVland. 
So my question is, was the original plan to make Alex Luthor a hybrid changed at the last minute to Connor because Michael Rosenbaum was just confirmed to be returning or was it planned to put Connor in there for the rest of the season?  Was this to dangle another Smallville spin off in our face?  I personally think the rest of the season should be I dunno...about plan is to watch the rest of the season, call it a day, the cow's milked dry, time to close the barn


Facebook....enough is enough

So yesterday our Queen Sara sent out a tweet that she was upset at Facebook's new plan of sending out people's phone numbers to third parties.   That got me to thinking....Ranting about it won't help, deleting the number does help but at the same time, Facebook hasn't learned the lesson, keep pushing and people will walk away.  So despite the easy access to family and friends, should we quit Facebook because Zuckerberg reminds me of Darkseid with the Anti-Life Equation.  This looks like a job for...THE DELETE BUTTON!


why Superman's still relevant in 2011

So I get Superman #708 along with season 1 of Legion of Super Heroes on dvd this past week.  After reading the issue which is finally taking the Grounded story arc somewhere, I look at recent world events and realize Superman's still relevant despite numerous attempts to say otherwise. 
Egypt's protest to overthrow 3 decades of corrupt rule, along with Libra's protests as well shows that at the core people want freedom, liberty and justice for all.  Iran...well that's a powderkeg right there The United States has been taking a harsher stand on corruption in our government on different levels as well.  .  I'm a NYer so believe me when I say we know about corruption.  
People might mentally be want to be Batman but their actions say they want to be Superman. 

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