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Stop forcing classic characters to be homosexual just to make them relevant again. Either come up with a new story line or create a new character. Stop being lazy!!!!!

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Someone please tell me why Mr.Freeze does't win!!!!!!!!!

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Question how can Dare Devil notice the tubes if he's blind does radar pick up tubes also

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She's not at all what I would consider to be a Supergirl and I thought Supergirl was blonde when she was in her super heroine identity. Any way I hope she's a great actress. I wasn't high on Flash but it turned out to be one of my favorite I don't know.

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not bad

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I picked Aquaman and Mera for the win because even though the invisible woman is a powerful foe she doesn't have what it takes to compete with Mera's underwater fighting ability as a natural born Atlantian. Namor and Aquaman would be a extremely even match up but besides Aquaman's ability to control sea creatures (control them not talking to them) he also has the advantage when it comes to land; even though Namor can fly he does get weaker the longer he is out of water unlike Aquaman. Also I believe that the fact the both Mera and Aquaman are both Atlantian that they a very important X factor when it comes to team work over Invisible Woman and Namor.

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Eh... Not really someone to hoop and holla over. Wanted Gemma Atkinson :(

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Did anyone else notice the shout out to Batman: Brave and the Bold when Aquaman quoted Outrageous when Black Manta was defeated. LOL Awesome

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I wasn't a fan of the trailer it felt forced into a serious role. I personally love Paul Rudd as an actor but only when he is in his strongest element which is comedy. I don't understand how a character who has the power shrink to microscopic size and still punch people with the force of a normal man and communicate with ants can take himself so seriously, that is hilarious imagery to me which is right up Paul Rudd's alley. I really hope that this will be more of a comedy.