Hot Girls From The Comics

 The hottest girls from the comics.


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Posted by Preacherl2k

Great List along with good pics- I like it!

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Posted by safari_joe

Wow, great list you've got here. These are definitely some hot comic book ladies.
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Posted by atmosfear

Loving this list

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Posted by Darkeden


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Posted by TyrantSparda

Superb List! love it.

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Posted by Dru_zod

i dont see why emma is first

is it just me????????????

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Posted by Vincent_Valjean

According to that list,the only non-hot female comic character is......Aunt May!!

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Posted by djotaku

so.....basically all of them?

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Posted by catgirlofsteel

Black Canary should definitely be higher up in the list but great job!

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Posted by Trapaceira

Não acho que Emma Frost deva ficar no primeiro, mas esta legal, ta razoável.