Comic Book Art: Old Vs New

Lately I've been reading the Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Millar trade and it got me thinking. Which do I prefere; the old style art (I'll take this to say 1990/mid-90s at latest) or the more modern approaches to art (everything since then).
Basically I have come to conclusion that I much prefere the modern art and I got to wondering why. I think it may be a combination of a few factors. 
For 1: This was the art I grew up with. Being from a town in Scotland with no comicshops I wasn't exposed to comics (bar the Beano and Dandy) till I was about 11/12 which was when I picked up my first trade (Guardian Devil by Kev Smith and Joe Q) which is still one of my alltime favourite reads. And after that I got everything I could lay my hands on (and my pocket money could afford).
2: When every I read older comics I find that I can more easily be taken out of the story. I just think that modern art is far more immersive than the old stuff. Lately I borrowed a friends Demon in a Bottle trade in anticipation for Iron Man 2 and found that it took me a long time to read (about 8 or 9 days) which was strange since I had finished university for the year and didn't have much on. Where as just last night I read Identity Crisis in 1 sitting. I am pretty such that they are around the same length, both are fantastically interesting stories and considering I lean towards Marvel alot more I thought this should be the opposite way round.
 So yeah I guess I'll take this:

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Over this, most days:

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So, thats my 2 pence for today, thoughts?
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