Iron Man 3 Question


I was going to put this in another blog. However, realizing it will be terribly overshadowed. I decided to make this blog to answer this question because to be honest, in my real life, I really don't know out of all my friends can answer this question. So anyway.

Fine, if this was "loosely" based on Ellis' Extremis story arc, I can accept why Hansen & Killian's characters & fates were different for movie & MCU reasons. However, that still doesn't answer the question of how could Tony control the MK 42 without having his "personalized" dose of Extremis?

Jarvis is essentially just a personalized computer so you maybe able to get away with some remote access for MK42 & for the Iron Army, but at the beginning when he, what did he do? Put holes in his arm? He wasn't upgraded by & didn't even know about the Extremis process. Tony Stark isn't a Doctor Strange or some sort of wizard... last time I checked anyway. How did the armor fly to him on command??? Please someone clear this up for me! Thank you, if you don't know what I mean. Then please read the comic or read the wiki page, hell even watch the marvel knights series of it on Netflix, DVD or however to learn more...



Injustice Gods Among Us Alternate skins

Just thinking of some Injustice Gods Among Us skins that Ed Boon & Neitherrealm should make, here's the list:

Bizarro (Superman)

Man Of Steel (Superman)

George Perez/Ed Benes (Raven)

Classic (Wonder Woman)

Donna Troy (Wonder Woman)

New 52 (Aquaman)

Aqualad/Tempest (Aquaman)

Dark Knight Movie (Batman)

Dark Knight Movie (Bane)

Dark Knight Movie (Catwoman)

Long Halloween (Catwoman)

Dark Knight Movie (Joker)

New 52 (Joker)

GL Movie Suit (Green Lantern)

Red Son (Green Lantern)

Classic Captain Marvel (Shazam)

New 52 Green Lantern (Sinestro)

JL Unlimited (Hawkgirl)

Unmasked (Hawkgirl)

Red Arrow (Green Arrow)

Robin (Nightwing)

Kid Flash/Wally West (Flash)


Comixology server down?

Does anyone know if comixology is down? I tried the ipod app, the app on my smartphone, tried to login through my pc & they all don't work. Now the website doesn't even work. Is the server down for maintenance work? Is it being worked on as we speak? Is Marvel/comixology down because of the massive downloads due to marvel's 700 free comic promotion? I'm guessing that could be it & their servers can't handle all the simultaneous downloads. If anyone knows anything I would greatly appreciate the information, thanks!


My New 52 comic book ideas

With the recent news of title cancellations, I was thinking of some titles that I feel DC should capitalize on. To which I'm sure they are already aware of. But as is a blog here are some of MY THOUGHTS & MY OPINIONS for some new titles. I apologize for writing in caps but in my last blog, I wrote the exact same thing & it seemed like that particular message barely got through.

Martian Manhunter: If Vibe & Kitana can get their own why not the Martian Manhunter? JLA could potentially delve into his issues of being mar's sole survivor. Most assuredly It won't, being a team book which won't focus too much on J'onn's character. I know I enjoyed his Brightest Day story with the evil female killer Martian D'Kay D'razz. Especially with Savage Hawkman being cancelled & will be the Simon Baz's home in the upcoming future. Which obviously means even less chance of seeing our favorite Martian's struggles. Catwoman, Vibe, Katana & Green Arrow have their books so I (probably like many) should think the focus should be on those who don't have their own book.

The Atom: Ray Palmer/Ryan Choi. Have we yet to even see them in the new 52? I've heard Ryan's name thrown out in blurbs here & there but I don't think I've seen them fully appear yet however, I could be wrong. I'm not the biggest fan of the character but I'm sure their are tons of people who are.

Captain Marvel: With Shazam in the pages of Justice League, I'm quite sure this is no doubt confirmed.

Booster Gold & Blue Beetle (Ted Kord): With the cancellation of the JLI. There's nothing for poor Booster Gold to do! & since Jaime Reyes already has his own book & this is the new 52. Maybe they can reunite the long times pals. I'd personally love to call the book Blue & Gold. To which I believe has been the name of a book before. But I could be wrong.

Plastic Man & Elongated Man: 2 of our favorite body stretching shaping characters who like Gold & Beetle have yet to see the new 52 light. And much like Kord, Elongated Man, can be revived to star off in a new book. Now, much like Booster & Beetle, I feel where they are more of a buddy book. Plastic Man & Ralph would be different, An odd couple if you will bunch of personalities with Sue Dibny to be the center. Getting into similar situations together or separate. But more serious & not as buddy buddy like Michael & Ted would.

Gen13: With the sudden cancellation of Ravagers & Team 7. There's really nothing for Caitlin & Alex Fairchild to do after those runs are over. This team, even though I've never been a fan, i'm sure is quite popular & some fans would love to see a new book. At least 430 people certainly would agree.

Wildcats: Hasn't it been a rumor that Jim Lee left Justice League to start up this project again? Regardless, just like Gen13. The cancellation of Team 7 frees up another place for more heroes like Grifter. Poor Cole Cash, so many of his books get cancelled.

Adam Strange: I personally don't see why the outer space adventures of Adam Strange can't get a new book. Just like Sword Of Sorcery it's another exciting, enchanting realm that DC can delve into. I'm sure there are people fans out there that don't want to just get their space adventures from Green Lantern. Combine that with Adam Strange fans, cameos maybe another similar Rann-Thanagar story arc. Add in other science fiction elements & you've got a great new vast part of the DCU that can & should be explored.

Crime Syndicate: Who doesn't a good book about villains? Sure villains get featured in every practically book, but why not a book of their own? Hell, it's been done before. But what better group to focus on then the Justice League's opposites? I think it could be great. The Justice League is always looking to save the day. This could delve into an alternate Earth where you'd be seeing the mirror image Justice League Operations. Instead of saving the day why not read about The Syndicate doing what they do best & not saving the day? We've all seen them in other media before & what better way to shed a light such characters as Ultraman, Power Ring, Superwoman, Owl Man & Johnny Quick, & see what makes them tick? There's already one alternate Earth book, why not another with an evil twist? One that we don't have to wait every year to see pop in a Justice League story.

Lobo: Ah Lobo, everyone's favorite ultra-violent motorcycle riding inter-galactic bad ass bounty hunter. Who wouldn't want to see the main man get his own title?

Gotham City Sirens: Gotham's favorite bad girls. This was a title back in 2009 that run quite successfully for 2 years before the new 52. I think they should bring it back. However since Catwoman is busy with the JLA & her own book & Harley's busy with the Suicide Squad. A couple cameos from them would be nice but since DCU & Gotham's personalities are so vast why not have 2 other new members join the book & grab the spotlight for themselves? The 3 sirens that can ban together as they are forced to protect themselves in Gotham City should be Poison Ivy, since she's no longer on BOP as the leader, everyone's favorite White Rabbit, (Who didn't love Finch's drawings of her or Finch's art in general) as the wise, cracking one of the group & I don't know... possibly Lady Shiva? Am I the only one who thinks it would be nice to see those 3's personalities clash/fight along side each other? Who knows who else could cameo... Possibly Cassandra Cain.

Arkham Asylum Book: Yes, Gotham is one popular place to be. Sure we get most of it in Batman comics & sometimes popping up in other places, But I don't know, I'm not really feeling too confident about this one. As opposed to what they could do in their & how long it could really go on for. But who knows, I for one would love to see more of Joker (Certainly now after DOTF finishes) Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, Riddler, Zsasz, Bane & others when there not causing Batman & Gotham all sorts of trouble.

Justice League Beyond: This & Batman Beyond were popular titles before the new 52 so why shouldn't it see the light of day again? I read a couple of the comics & it enjoyed it, it certainly wasn't terrible. For me anyway. I'd like to see Terry McGinnis back as Batman leading the team with familiar characters like Warhawk, Barda, Aquagirl, Micron, Static (Old), Kai-Ro & possibly even Superman & Wonder Woman. Why not as much Superman & Wonder Woman? Well, due to my last blog, I don't wish to sound like a hypocrite, Superman & Wonder Woman are in enough books & cameos already. Sure future versions of themselves would be nice to see maybe only as cameos but you gotta cross the line somewhere.

New Genesis: Ah, the New Gods. They seem to be slightly absent in the New 52 as well, except for Orion In Wonder Woman & Darkseid. Ok so he was in Justice League. But where has he been since? I for one like Adam Strange, think this is another untouched corner of the DCU that should have some light shed onto it. This would be a perfect time after Orion's run in Wonder Woman to introduce them. To which i'm sure DC's probably already planning. But who wouldn't want to see characters like Big Barda, Mister Miracle, Highfather, Lightray etc. battle Darkseid, Granny Goodness, The Furies & the rest of Apokolips?

Villains United/Legion Of Doom: Much like Crime Syndicate or Arkham Asylum. I think there should be another Villains United book/Legion Of Doom story focusing on the likes of Luthor, Joker, Cheetah, Brainiac, Black Manta, Bizzaro, Giganta, Deathstroke. Would be cool. Sure you see Luthor In Superman, Joker In Batman, Manta In Aquaman etc. but I think this would be a great idea. Especially with Deathstroke fitting in with all these great villains who've yet to see in the new 52 light, Especially with Deathstroke's own book & Team 7 just recently being cancelled.

The Outsiders: Remember them? Just like Gotham City Sirens who had a successful two year run before the new 52. I would like to see the Outsiders break through into the new 52 with characters like Geo Force leading the team alongside other former Outsiders who are currently sitting on the benches. Characters like Metamorpho & Halo. Black Lightning would be great but as you all know he's currently in the DCU presents book alongside Blue Devil. So my votes for other members to fill the roster would be Firestorm, Captain Atom, Who now need a place to call home with both their books on the chopping block. Raven, Harbinger, Steel, The Trickster & Tara. Who's also facing the axe with Ravagers also currently ending soon & could find a new place with the brother in the Outsiders.

Red Star, Pantha & Wildebeest Team: Do you remember these characters? Well, I do. & I would really like to see these 3 back to form a dysfunctional & unique family unit like they did in the past. After Leonid (Red Star) was frozen back long ago by Superboy Prime, he witnessed the murder of Pantha and Baby Wildebeest. After their deaths & effects of Infinite Crisis, he left the Titans & returned to Russia. Where he was never heard from again. Now, would be a good time to see hmi back in the new 52 with the revived Pantha & Baby Wildebeest.

A New Female Group: As for Birds Of Prey, the new 52 doesn't really offer much in terms of female groups. As much as I'd like to see Gotham City Sirens return, another strong female based hero operated group could have the roster consisting of old forgotten favorites such as Chesire, Grace Choi, Argent, Lightning, Fire & Ice. With JLI cancelled, Beatriz & Tora have been also sitting on the bench for a while like their other JLI teammates. I think this book could be awesome to see their characters grow as they fight alongside each other.

Second JSA Book?: As were all aware by now with Earth 2 focuses on the JSA for a new generation so there wouldn't really be a need for a 2nd JSA book... or would there? Even though they don't really call themselves the Justice Society, I'm sure they will soon enough. As much as it would be nice to see the likes of Wildcat, Doctor Midnite, Red Tornado, Magog, Spectre, Starman, Mister Terrific, Doctor Fate, Hourman, Citizen Steel & Cyclone in one book as a team together. Even though The Spectre is currently featured in Phantom Stranger & Doctor Fate is confirmed to be making an appearance in Earth 2 with blurbs of Wildcat, Michael Hoult/Red Tornado in the book as well. I think a second JSA book would be a good idea because the JSA universe just like the JLA itself is just as big & vast. It obviously may not happen & I'm fine with that, It's just another one of many suggestions. Hopefully, just as long as DC focuses on those characters soon enough.

Doom Patrol: With the recent cancellation of Ravagers, Beast Boy can literally jump from book to book & hopefully from red back to green again. Alongside his former team mates Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, The Chief, Bumblebee & Mento. For some reason, I've always liked that guy. I thought he completed the team as the field leader even though Niles Caulder was the actual leader like how Cyclops & Professor X led the X-Men & just like the X-Men, I would like to see the conveniently named Brotherhood of Evil. I'd like to see Brain, Mallah, Madame Rogue, Garguax & others wake up from their comas & step out of the shadows & become apart of the new 52. It's been along time since the 80's comic even the 2000 Teen Titans cartoon.

Young Justice: At least that's what I think would be a good name for another team book. So we have all sorts of teams running rampart across the DCU nowadays. From the Justice League, Teen Titans, Red Hood & The Outlaws etc. but what about our favorite heroes that didn't get the new 52 spotlight & have had previously died or were supposedly left out in the cold. Yes, I'm saving the best for last. Who wouldn't love to see the return of Wally West with other fan favorites like Jade, Jesse Quick, Donna Troy, Garth & Obsidian. I know I would. However, as currently Barry using the Flash name, I think Wally should go with a new moniker, my vote would be for something people probably won't agree with but I'd like him to use the name Impulse seeing is how Kid Flash is already taken. Another name certainly would also be just as good. I'm also quite sure some of these characters are coming back in some way shape or form, maybe not how I'd like to see them but who knows. Especially with Tula coming back in the pages of Aquaman #16. I for one would love to see Garth back, I never really liked how he died in Blackest Night, went away & never came back. Dan DiDio did tease Wally... Did he not? That's a good sign, right?

Well that's it. Those are my thoughts & suggestions for new New 52 titles. Hopefully, Some of those suggestions get made as I wouldn't mind seeing anyone of them in some shape or form. Some Hawk & Dove would be great to see in some capacity would also be nice to see as well :D


Marvel comics are just sucking

This is my own opinion, you agree. Awesome, if not. Like I said: MY Opinion. Don't like it? Then that's your opinion.

I just love how Marvel comics are just totally milking the Avengers & X-Men cash cow brands. Avengers, New Avengers, Avengers Assemble, The Ultimates, Secret Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, Avengers Arena (Which SUCKS & has NOTHING to do with the actual Avengers) Cable & X-Force, Uncanny X-Force, X-Men, All New X-Men, Wolverine & The X-Men, Ultimate X-Men.

Like seriously, a bit much Marvel? All conveniently priced at $3.99 or higher. If some are $2.99 & I made a mistake then... My bad.

Your a sucker if you buy all these books. I damn sure hope you read every single one of em & get your money's worth if do buy them. But probably not, I'm sure they just keep piling & piling up, rarely ever getting read. EXACTLY what marvel wants.

How many Justice League books do they have? TWO! DC's finally starting a third one! That feature different unique characters. Where Marvel always has Wolverine, Cap, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor etc. in every Avengers book & the same goes for X-Men books. Marvel's just a bunch of cheap pricks who love to rip you off & the stories aren't even that good! Certainly not along the lines of Justice League. I feel sorry for anyone who's buying all of these books. It's even going on with Spider-Man You got Ultimate Spider-Man, Avenging Spider Man, Superior Spider Man. And they cancel good titles like Defenders & Avengers Academy... go figure. And to top it all off... Marvel produces some garbage called "A+X" GTFO, I used to love marvel, now I'm finding fewer & fewer chances to like them.

I especially love how these titles aren't cheap either. DC still does $2.99 on some of their regular books, but Marvel can't go lower than $3.99.

Don't even get me started on Annuals which range from $4-$7. & that don't count your comic shop owner being a cheap pr*ck. Annuals are just crap. PERIOD. As every veteran comic fan knows, there only good for ... wait, what are they good for again? Seriously, I can't think of a reason.

If you think I prefer DC over Marvel, I don't. Surprisingly. However, the scales are in DC's favor ATM. Don't get me wrong DC does have books that aren't too great but not everything can be good but at least they don't force feed you Avengers, X-Men & Spider-Man until throwing up because your body can't handle all the crap.

Another thing, what's with Marvel & Point One(s)??? Or 0.5s? F... Avengers 12.1, Venom 18.1 or Guardians Of The Galaxy 0.5. CHEAP BASTARDS trying to cash in...

It just figures good books like Defenders, Avengers Academy & others get the axe while all this other HORSE crap is being printed in the thousands.

If any Marvel troll wants to "discuss" Superman, Batman & Green Lantern's "multiple" titles. I would honestly love too, Superman has Action Comics & Superman. Batman's a little bit much with Detective Comics, Batman & Robin, Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman Incorporated & Batman. But honestly that's just 5 Batman titles... however it's THE DAMN BATMAN for crap's sake! I will agree that's too much though. I'd honestly cancel Batman Inc. & Batman & Robin to make room for other interesting New 52 titles, not that they don't have a wide enough range as it is, but however it could be a little bit wider with examples like Wally West & Donna Troy & just have Damian in Batman. Which for the most part he usually always is in anyway.

As for Green Lantern & it's 4 titles? Green Lantern focuses Primarily on Hal (Currently dealing with Baz's chapter) eventually Hal will return with Baz moving to JLA. GLC which focuses on John Stewart & Guy Gardner, GL: TNG which focuses on Kyle & other corps. & RED Lanterns which focuses on a different lantern spectrum/corps all together with some small cameos here & there but still doesn't always feat Captain America in 5 of the 6 Avengers comics.


My X-Men Days of Future Past Movie Ideas

I've never read Days Of Future Past so you'll forgive me if I make any errors. Dealing with present day & a future timeline which causes mutants to live in internment camps. You would think that following the events of X-Men First Class. I would hope that most of the First Class mutants do not return & are out on their own adventures. Except for the obvious Professor X, Magneto, Mystique & Beast. I wouldn't mind a cameo from Banshee or Emma. But not Havok, now here's why. I would hope to introduce a young Scott Summers being trained by Jame's McAvoy's Professor X (Who's now losing his hair) & Beast alongside new students as the present day's X-men consisting of Jean, Warren, Kitty Pryde & Bobby. There by fixing First Class's mistake of an older Alex Summers.

Much like the story line of Days of Future Past we could see Magneto & Mystique training the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, I would REALLY love to see Wanda & Pietro. Not knowing that Magneto's their father of course. As I've been waiting for it forever! The Brotherhood should consist of a mash up of Magneto's & Mystique's Brotherhood like in the actual DOFP story & to stay within the lines of continuity from the original comic story line. Meaning we could see all sorts of mutants from the first or second Brotherhood. If Rogue does get introduced like in the comic she would obviously defect to that of the X-Men... eventually.

Now of course from what I understand an older version of Kitty Pryde from the bleak future where Sentinels rule the United States could be introduced who can come back in time to warn the team about the future with the present Brotherhood of Evil Mutants getting in their way to stop & defeat them. I would think an older version of Kitty should be cast due, to possible confusion of the general audience. Or would that confuse them even more? You would think her older self travelling back to the past & going into her younger body would be more confusing. But what would be more confusing or less confusing?

There's a lot of talk about old actors returning to their old character roles from Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen & Now Hugh Jackman (Unconfirmed ATM) It's clear where they'd all fit. Except for Wolverine. I would assume Jackman's Wolverine could be from the future. As to where Stewart or McKellen could fit in. Could they take the place of the future Kitty & return to the past to confront McAvoy & Fassbender to do what Kitty intentionally did in the comic? I don't know. Maybe Kitty doesn't need to be cast with Stewart & McKellan already set to reprise their roles. One less new character to introduce right? Also, since this story takes place in the past & future. Should we see older versions of the same characters for the future roles?

In closing, I understand that my views maybe different from others & this could be what some fans may or may not want to see & that's fine. You may have your thoughts & I have mine. However, as the subject states. These are MY IDEAS. You obviously have your own of what the plot should be & which characters it consists of. This being my blog, consisting of my thoughts & what I'd like to see. So with that said, there's no need for unnecessary negative feedback because you may or may not share my ideas.


Avengers ... ... ...Let's go fight Loki's Army!

I just don't get. Like it doesn't make any sense what Kevin Feige said. I've tried to forget about it, I can't let it go. Which is why I haven't blogged about it on this site until now anyway. So yes, it's late. However, what's that saying? Better late then never? Maybe If I wasn't a comic book fan, I wouldn't care & would be able to let it go easier. But I just can't believe me, I've tried. So if you dislike this, just ignore me while I clear my conscience in blog form. Ok? Thanks. If you don't mind reading, enjoy! Anyway, maybe it's just me but I find it funny that it's huge a big topic that the fans, the write/director rarely ever talked about it. Does anyone else find that odd that the most iconic Avengers line in all of Avengers history could NOT be fit into the dialogue?

Scrooge McDuck AKA Feige claims that there wasn't a right place for it & it was got cheesy overtime. It's fine to have other catchphrases in the movie besides 'We have a Hulk' or 'You want me to put the hammer down?' etc. but to deny fans something they have been waiting YEARS, Over 5 decades for just because it sounds cheesy is stupid. It's just one little line. Why couldn't it have been put into the 360 shot either when they first gather or after they disperse with their mission objectives? Feige claims there should have been more impact. Buddy, it's just one line for crying out loud. It would have sounded dumb yes, but would fans care after watching this movie? Yea... No.

Oh well, what's done is done. Just thought I would bring this to attention, I'm sure most are aware of by now. However, be surprised that even on a site like ComicVine. Some still may be unaware of. I'm not surprised coming from the studio who thought masks & helmets would make their characters look silly even if after their showing off the Avenger's impressive abilities, Marvel still CANT take a chance at risking losing money. I really wish it could have at least showed up in a deleted scene. Here's hoping for Avengers 2 there will be darker purple masks, silver winged helmets, 2 tiny original Avengers & our favorite catchphrase ever since we were little kids... & to fix every other mistake the movie did wrong. Who knows maybe now Marvel Studios won't be so scared to take risks after such amazing box office success & Disney claiming their Star Wars bounty. It's a real shame if they still don't take chances after all their success. Final side note, It also kind of makes me wonder though... At that point in time, did Captain America even know they were called "Avengers"? I'm sure it was just an off-screen thing after Coulson met his demise & the Avengers 'Disassembled'...


Marvel Studios' deal with Masks & Helmets.

To anyone who thinks this maybe old news. It's not. It's relevant & seems to be a recurring issue (At least to me anyway). Iron Man's is mandatory thankfully but, I could swear Marvel Studios is constantly thinking of ways to show him in the armor but without any head protection. Cap's mask was odd-fully removed by a Chitauri (SHITauri). In the Avengers, when Cap takes over the Chitauri hostage takeover, When one of them has Cap in a headlock, You'd think he'd try to snap Cap's neck, yet. Of course, he just pulls of his helmet instead. And even when Cap, jumps out of the building because of the bomb, isn't the mask still attached to your costume? "Meh, it got torn off ..." If your reading this & thinking that I want they should have killed Cap, no. Obviously he's an iconic character & that can't happen. At least not possibly until A future Avengers movie where the plot is similar to Civil War. Point being, when in an enemy headlock, enemies should try to shoot you, not pull your mask off.

Hawkeye doesn't have one & Thor's is probably still sitting exactly where he left it in Thor 1. Seriously, In everyone other media, Thor wears a helmet. & He's STILL ISN'T wearing one in Thor: The Dark World. I'm always hoping that in the next live action representation of Thor, I will finally see that glorious silver winged thing of beauty sitting atop Hemsworth's head while seeing set pics. EVERY TIME, I get disappointed. Before the Avengers, Hawkeye ALWAYS wore a mask. Now ever since the movie in comics, cartoons, Straight to DVD movies etc. his mask doesn't exist anymore. especially if you see him in something produced by Marvel anyway. But, funny thing about that, his mask is still represented in a PORNO! Seriously, He has a mask in the Avengers XXX. In a youtube video interview at the movie's set I saw the interviewer talking to the porn director & the porn actor portraying Hawkeye, they both mention Hawkeye's mask. The director said that it should be faithful to the comics. A faithful... PORNO? So why can't the big screen movie do this??? Before you think I don't know any better, yes. It's porn & obviously isn't/shouldn't be taken too seriously & has the ability to mess around & not develop characters without it looking silly because ah who cares... It's porn. That's not the point. The point is if a porno can take it seriously, then why can't a Hollywood movie do the same??? I seriously want to see Hawkeye's mask in Avengers 2 but somehow, I know I'm setting myself up for disappointment. In the Avengers XXX movie, even Thor has a helmet. In every low budget Avengers adaptation, these characters wear their masks/helmets. So please someone tell me, I'd really like to know... Can someone PLEASE give me some or any incite as to why Marvel Studios hate/have against Masks & Helmets?


WB & DC's "Phase 1" leading up to Justice League

I know that this topic is talked about often, If you dislike/disagree with what I have so say then, fine but please don't read/comment this blog especially if you have something negative to say. In this blog I wanted to write about my thoughts for the new JLA movie announced for release in 2015. Some people seem to think that this Justice League movie is being rushed. How is a movie 3 years away being rushed??? I also wanted to mention how everyone thinks Marvel Studios way of making a team movie is the best way to go. Well, it's a good way but the point of this blog is to say it's NOT the only way to do it. I'm sure everyone knows this already but if you don't & your actually reading this then maybe you just might get some clarification. Believe it or not, ALOT of the comments I've seen on youtube videos & comic book related sites talking about the JL movie often suggest that Marvel knows how to setup a team movie & DC doesn't. Granted, marvel knows how to make a team gathering movie. NO ONES DENYING THAT. My point is, Marvel's approach isn't the only way to build a team movie. Now, I will give you examples of great detail why I congratulate WB/DC for not taking the Marvel Studios route. Think about it, Do you really need to setup the key players when they've pretty much already been announced or known to the world already? Take Superman & Batman, who doesn't know who they are! A Superman & Batman movie would be enough for a full price ticket admission but to add 4 other super heroes? I know I'm sold.

Hal Jordan's had a movie sure, it wasn't great but we all know what Green Lanterns do & what their powers are. Wonder Woman is a female icon who already had a TV show, regardless if it was in the 70's it was still done correctly. Also, when someone mentions female superheroes, how do you not bring up Wonder Woman? Ok, so we won't know all about her origin. Or at least this generation won't, but so what? When she first appears on screen in the movie a key part of her dialogue will be "My name is Diana, I was raised on Themyscira or you may know it better as Paradise Island, it's an island full of female warriors & I was chosen to act as a representative liaison to the USA" Which can be said about all other characters as well as Aquaman's Born human on land/king of Atlantis etc. I don't mean to compare, because this isn't meant to be a Marvel vs DC flame war but in the Avengers. What do you really know about Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Agent Coulson or Black Widow? Ok, so we knew there SHIELD agents, they have been in BRIEFLY introduced in another movies. But how did these characters get to where they are now? Widow & Hawkeye's past was brought up in Iron Man 2 & briefly in The Avengers. & Nick Fury is just like Wonder Woman or Flash, he was in that cheesy 90's movie that today's generation still might not know about BUT can find out in a heart beat with an internet connection & if you don't have an internet connection, you can go to a library or ask someone. Point is you can get informed, If you don't get informed you can find out when they first appear on screen. Besides, if people can be ok all those characters in the Avengers who didn't have an origin movie who says key Justice League members need an introduction?

Yes, so how they became The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman & Martian Manhunter isn't known. It would be nice to get to know about The Flash, Aquaman & Wonder Woman at least, but who knows it's 3 years from now! Aquaman could still get a movie, Flash has a script, Wonder Woman most likely also will get a movie or a new TV show & Martian Manhunter should get a movie but his origin can be told in the JL movie about how he became the Martian Manhunter, how he was the last survivor of Mars, how he came to Earth & he will be the one to bring them altogether through his telepathy to hopefully fight Darkseid.

But this is all apart of DC's plan & honestly, in today's technological world, full of access to any information that you can find with the tip of your finger on the internet through smartphones, tablets etc. were you can not only read up about Wonder Woman's origin but Barry Allen's, Aquaman's & Martian Manhunter's origins as well. I swear though, JL in 2015 to me it feels like MCU's Phase 2. So who knows this could still very likely be Phase 1 were just not going to call it that or any other name like that. Especially now, after the Avengers in Iron Man 3, Thor: TDW & Cap: TWS. The connected universe has literally been disconnected like I knew it would. When talking about Phase 1 it seems that bringing them altogether was Kevin Feige's biggest goal & most proudest achievement. Often because when this subject is brought up, it's the one thing he talks about when talking about the Avengers, (We've all seen his video interviews) now he just brings up some BS about how they can stand back up & go in their own directions, now that they were all apart & but why can't they cameo at least to show that there's still a connection in different movies?

The only reason why Black Widow has a cameo in Cap 2 is because to possibly set up a relationship with Bucky & or Steve & because SHIELD plays a similar role it did like in the Avengers. Why can't Fury have a cameo in Iron Man 3 like he did in Iron Man 2? Is Fury on Helicarrier probation? Did Sam Jackson's nine picture deal expire? He's had cameos in 5 movies. I don't see how that's apart of a 9 picture deal when only one of them was actual role & 4 others were strictly cheap conveniently placed cameos (after each individual movie's filming has been wrapped.) He's honestly the luckiest actor in the world, make 3 huge paychecks most of us couldn't make even 1 in our entire lifetimes from less than 1 page of dialogue for a cameo in 3 roles? He's got 4 movies left & as every comic book geek knows there not making a SHIELD movie, yet a TV show (which makes me wonder if Fury will be director or not) also, not counting Nick Fury's origin movie, why can't help he, Maria Hill or someone else cameo in IM3? Someone please answer that question!

Maybe, I've gotten ahead of myself but, the point I'm making is, do you see what happens with Phase 2? It just basically reset after the point was Phase 1's point was made. After we can prove that we can get them altogether, we can now go back to a disconnected, stand alone MCU. WB/DC just skipped a step. DC's "Phase 1" was all the past's previous movies, TV shows, nostalgia, internet research & relying on other media. But going back to what I originally stated in the first paragraph, Marvel's way of bringing together a team by setting up for different movies is good, it's certainly not a bad way of putting them altogether for a team movie. Forgiving certain exceptions that go unanswered like Hawkeye's background before SHIELD? & more. Total mysteries. However, I commend WB/DC for going a different route, I commend them for not following in Marvel Studio's footsteps. Whether or not most fans want them too, I'm glad they don't bow to peer pressure & go their own way. I can respect that, that takes balls & honestly who can't appreciate someone who stands up for themselves & doesn't cave to any pressure. So commend & respect them instead of saying how gay/stupid WB/DC is for not following Marvel's movie making process/footsteps.

DON'T get me wrong, I love the Avengers comics. I in no way prefer DC over Marvel, I like them both 50/50. So one company is up in movies & the other isn't... for now. Everyone seems to forget that up until 2008 Marvel & DC's hollywood movie category was pretty much tied. However, I'm just proving a point, I know it looks like I'm bashing Marvel Studios. Honestly, though I don't mean anything by & If it sounds like I'm bashing marvel, I'm not I don't mean to say anything bad about Marvel. I do mean to bash Kevin Feige, Ok, so he crafted Marvel to be a respectable movie making franchise but if he didn't some other jackass would have & they would have done it without sacrificing key Avengers members essential to the Avengers origin. I just can't stand that guy, Not because I'm jealous (well, to be honest who wouldn't be jealous of all that money he's made) but because he's a greedy person who only cares for himself, & cuts what may seem like small corners but are in fact big corners wherever he wants, but fills the gap by pretending to care for what the audience wants only to make him money, BSing the audience & fans, strictly for profit & his own personal gain. To me it seems anyway. If you read my previous blogs you might understand why I'd think that. (If your actually still reading this I commend you for getting to the end & having the brainpower to actually read what I have to say instead of just being an immature idiot & TLDR'd it.)

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