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Great article. Lets not also forget where the heck to put all your print comics as the long boxes take over! I've had to do some cutting back and plan to do more. I really don't need every damn Avengers and X men title (with two more on the way). Need to make room for more independents. And valiant is slowly taking over my former dc pull list.

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Does anyone remember JLA 90, when ww and batman imagine their future together? That was a much more interesting idea.

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One millineum into the future? Is this what's replacing legion or is this DC' s version of a "what if?" And this is ongoing?

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When I got into comics at age 10 in the late 70s I didn't have a sense of kiddie comics or adult comics. There were just comics. And you could pick up avengers, JLA , etc and it didn't matter. I was not allowed to buy things like Heavy Metal magazine. That's what my folks considered adult. I do think older kids can still pick up some comics but even now as an adult I had issues with the graphic death in this issue.

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Cat woman. Dead or not dead? I don't care as much as the portrayal of that death. I won't be naive and rally against violence in comic books. But I have a serious issue with violence against women and the gratuitous expression of it. Is anyone else bothered by seeing a woman shot through the head with a close up of her bleeding ont the ground? I think it's horrible.

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This character has always has been a lifelong favorite. I really discovered comics when I was ten and would ride my bike a mile away to the local 7/11 and spen all my allowance on comics which were then 25 to 35 cents. One of the first comics I ever picked off a spinner rack was Defenders 63 in 1978 featuring Valkyrie on the cover drawn by George Perez with the caption "Valkyrie goes mad!". This was followed by issues 66 to 68 for a three parter background story on her when she returns to Valhalla. that was it. Ive been smitten ever since. Shes one of my favorites of all time.

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@notarandomguy: that's been my personal experience. It's been one disenchantment after another and I keep dropping titles. DC just doesn't feel like DC anymore

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I know that Legion hasn't been that good. But I have followed this comic through all its variations and continuity rewrites since superboy and the legion 252. I stopped reading comics back in 2000 and it was actually the reintroduction of pre crisis legion in Action Comics around 2008 that brought me back. There's always been a legion book and even though the latest incarnation has been lackluster, it's all that remained for me ofmthe dc of old in a way. I miss the old gaurd teen titans for wolfman/Perez and the revamped jsa. I miss a dcu with legacy characters. I've tried to give new 52 the benefit of the doubt but its such an unrecognizable place I feel no attachment to any of the books at this time.

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Although just a little kid at the time, I remember the original Helena Wayne and Katen Star from earth 2 appearing in All star comics in the 70's. after crisis we lost Helena Wayne and she became Helena Bertinelli with much fan outrage. And Power girl had no consistent background until infinite crisis brought back her earth 2 roots. It's interesting now to see the post crisis, pre new 52 fans wanting Bertinelli back. I agree these two should go to earth 2 since they don't interact much with anyone in the reg universe. Finding a way back home has not been much of a plot point. I think huntress dealing with the new batman on earth 2 would be much more interesting. The bat verse in earth one is crowded enough.

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I can't believe they forgot Yistin which I believe Chang does a great job drawing an androgynous character. I was shocked by this revelation because looking at the character I'm not sure what the transgender is: boy to girl or girl about to be a boy. I am gay and to me it didn't feel organic to the story. But I see people comment that these gay outings are fodder for sales and shock value. Someone even mentioned that Kyle and Northstar were a gradual development. Hello, anyone old enough to remember the awful news grabbing issue when Northstar came out in the early 90s in an issue dealing with HIV and aids. It was bad then that mass media couldn't separate the two. It's taken 20 years for gay characters to be presented in media as everyday people building families and not just surviving and fighting aids. As for alan Scott, as a gay man I appreciate the effort to make a prominent hero gay but as a comics fan I am sad that this may have closed the door on jade and obsidian. I loved infinity inc characters since their inception and lord knows they have suffered the rewrite mills of crisis after crisis. I agree also that Apollo and midnighter are or we're the best gay couple although I wasn't a fan of Millars beat down on Apollo. I don't read stormwatch so I don't know where these characters' stand today. Another organic and great support chatacTer was Kyle Rayners friend who unfortunately also got seriously gay bashed. I don't mean to sound naive when I say that I'm not sure these are sales ploys. I do know its important to represent these characters from the lgbt community. It's not an agenda. Nor more so than when back in the 70s the big two tried to have more black heroes or in the 80s when cyborg of Wolfman's NTT was starting an interracial romance with Sarah. A lot of the rhetoric I hear about the gay agenda and how we are destroying the fabric of everything (as if gays would destroy fabric) sounds a lot like the white scare during the civil rights movement and the end of segregation. I know it's a hot button issue because people think this is just an issue of sexuality and those issues don't belong in comics (although we've seen much worse in the treatment if women). It's a matter of identity and love and after a lifelong fandom of this media I'm glad to see artists create a voice and their employers support it.