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“There has got to be better ways to end your suffering then that” Melony remarked positively. The holographic woman followed Reptile in hiding from the Spartans for a moment. “All right you prefer stealth I prefer being direct we can use that. They got numbers, but you can’t swarm with close combat like they favor. As a result they will be likely lining up in waves. I will go out at that time you go to another meteor. As soon as I show myself they will likely come looking for you on this rock. If you’re not here though they will get back into the ranks. I will fight them off draw them in then you flank them from the back.”

I shoot, you flank, and then we slaughter every one of them.”

With that Melony stepped out of hiding and raised the two neodin pistols she carried. These weapons fired super sonic velocity plasma coils. These coils were shaped much like a needle hence the name neodin which meant needle in the Deveyeant language. When the needle entered a target or reached the end of it’s range it froze for a moment and then if it was in a target it would explode with powerful force. If it failed to enter a target it froze in place so it could function like a mine. Melony’s god like variant was equal in potency to the large space craft variations. Meaning even though it was the size of a pistol it detonated with force meant for planet bombardment and gunning down dreadnought class spaceships. Hundreds upon hundreds of rounds of the potent plasma rounds were being sent down range to thin Spartan numbers before Reptile could get the drop on them. The more dead wounded the hoard was before the two gods had to go to close range the better.

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@demolitionguy: (sorry for delay and if you want feel free to go ahead a bit I can always get caught up if nothing else.)

Melony rolled her eyes at the remark. Did lizard men think women as the stay home breeding type? Was it just some superiority warrior originated complex? Whatever the case the woman simply went for the door wanting to get on with things already. "And what if you get killed? Would it still work then? It's a hypothetical question of course. I am simply curious to see where you rate your teammates. It provides insight to what actions you might take. I for one would rather simply say try not to fall to far behind my kill count." Her mood charismaticly having swayed from intimidating to completely friendly in seconds.

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@i_like_swords: @johnjoe66:

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Admittedly the party had its rather enjoyable moments as it did manage to rule out her boredom. Though a girl can only take so long of being controlled by another be for they lose their patience with people. Being a goddess arguably the most frustrating thing was being manipulated in some way. The crash came and the sensations of pain filled her mind though she managed to ignore it soon after. There was an addition to the team an A.I she noticed. An annoying better then you program defining its attitude. Fantastic.

“News flash, that stuff happens. Location shouldn’t matter only who. Last time I checked planet busting mass murdering ikep don’t deserve to live.” The electric blue goddess simply stood up and joined the others, seeming to be unaffected by the tragic loss of lives. “I also don’t know about tampering with time. Time is a more fickle mistress then even Noise over there” the alien using Caribos pet name for the A.I. “However I’ll follow either path so long as it proves worth while.

~Ikep is a Deviant parasite often used as a insult or swear

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Melony's people had reached a point where they didn't need her aid that often and so for a while she was that god wanting to flaunt her stuff. That got old though and so the electric blue haired hard light anomaly did her best to simply tune out the apparent pissing contest over who was better. It was a colorful cast but that meant little to her. The work they could do was the appealing part. "You know this one time I went to a world that was on the brink of war. Each nation was at the others throat. So the five rulers were gathered to try and calm the situation. They spent two weeks talking about who trained better soldiers. Another four on who had the best resources. They spent one week discussing politics. Spent another eight arguing about how they knew they could beet the rest. After fifteen weeks of debating they were at peace and went home."

"As each entered their home land they found the civilizations had gone to war on their own. Nobody had been sparred only five were left alive on that planet."

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@perezite: and the reason for that is? What that the rest of the bio wasn't posted with it

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Strength(1), Speed(1), Acceleration(1), Physical Durability(1), Telepathic durability(1), Soul durability(1), Fighting Skill(4), Cosmic Awareness(4), Compressed Destruction(1), and Power Proficiency:(5)

theres the points if ya need em

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So it was that the electric blue holographic imagery of Melashin. When dealing with others she likely would take her more human form. However the preference was the Elose and seeing as she would be here awhile that was what she presented herself as. "Mingle? I have had to much time to sit idly by doing nothing." Her voice had a electric pop or perhaps auto tune like texture to it, all the allure a goddess was expected to have but an alien and mechanized like quality as well. Casually the hard light hologram fell onto a couch resting in the most bored of mannerisms. "Spent some hundred thousand years brushing hair from my face wanting something fun to do. All that just to get more time to sit around bored. Names Melony by the way" she was polite enough to introduce herself, but the years of boredom had hindered her from bothering to present herself like a goddess.

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@armistice: Some people might be cool with it, I wouldn't mind

IDK I say leave it to Icarus lol

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@armistice: dont know. Simplest would be

do the raffle with all 17

then do a raffle for that seventeenth person by the raffle having the numbers 1-8(that being the matches) whichever is drawn is the round that becomes a triple threat

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