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Name: Melashin(translates to god or in her case goddess)

Alias: Melony

Appearence: Human/Elose/Dragon

Height: 5'7/6/30ft

Weight: 109/40/55,555lbs

Hair Color: Red or Violet

Eye Color: Electric Blue

Gender: Female

Powers: Powers: Form Human: Biomancy(manipulation of plant life and technology) Gravity manipulation. Plasma Manipulation. Shape Shifting(leads to other forms)

Powers: Form Elose: Hologram(being a holographic hard light projection rather then a 'person' makes her able to phase through objects and immune to psychics). Deveyeant(the ability to access and summon things belonging to her people. These usually are in the presence of a god class version of the item summoned). Electrokinesis. Shape Shifting

Powers Dragon: Pyrokinesis, Light manipulation, Invulnerability, Claws and teeth, Super strength, space/reality manipulation(along with above, is god bassed state)

Skills: Weapon Master, Strong Mental Intellect, Tactical Genius

Abbilities As shown in the Demigod Thread

-Earth Shattering Strength able to lift planets

-Light Speed able to move at light speeds

-Light Second Acceleration reach LS in a second

-Earth Shattering Physical Durability able to withstand planet busting blows

-Earth Conquering Telepathic Durability making her exceptionally hard to effect in anyway mentally

-Earth Conquering Soul Durability ability to resist soul attacks

-Earth Conquering Fighting Skill (4) able to presumably win almost any planetary war

-Earth Sized Cosmic Awareness (tier 4)

- percent Compressed Destruction (A minimum amount of compressed destruction. Compressed destruction is the concept that characters can control the amount of force they strike with so that collateral damage is minimized and only their intended target is hit and or harming. With this, ten percent of the damage you can do to an Earth Sized planet were you to fight someone of your scale inside the atmosphere does not seep out into the surrounding environment and cause collateral damage. Ninety percent destruction of the earth though, is still well within life-wiping levels, so try and keep fights in space, would ya little Godling?)

-Power Efficiency (5)


Deveyeants have for countless years over a few million cycles been building and growing. Where many cultures butcher eachother in war and oppression this alien race never gave way to such barbarity. And so they evolved, a planet grew to be a world of advanced technology. As that planet neared its dying day the species grew to reach out to space where they would grow farther still. The universe however is a cold and derelect place and so that race expanded further still adopting vessels and artificial constructs as their home. They learned how to create life without a physical means and through this they created working plant life and agriculture. This process would then allow for the natural advance to neutralizing sickness and imparments almost entirely. No longer was the species victem to a member being infertile, lacking inteligence, or crippled. The miracle of technology had grown to be beyond magestic, it had grown to rival god like aspects and even then it grew further.

Time passed on and weapons began to be needed and so where as many cultures practicaly started with a stick and a rock. Deveyeants they started with steel and fire. Where many races would come to pick up guns the alien species would grow to pick up enegy weapons. And as timed passed and machines of war were made the Deveyeants began to play with slipspace and or flatspace allowing an almost limitless supply of storage and ammo among other things. And eventually they even came to adopt holograms over flesh especially when it came to soldiers. No matter the species one sends machines, they break and need replacing. Or more likely they send a regular sapient being which inebitably will die most likely in combat. Soldiers serve a cause but tend to die for it. The Deveyeants made holographic avatars known as an Elose. This construct didn't break and rarely did the user die. Mortality rates of war had become miniscule compared to most if not all other races amongst the stars.

They made bases some the size of nations, some bigger then moons and some even still were as large or larger then a planet. And in the vast amount of their existance so much has been constructed that its unfathomable to imagine just how much of the empire their is. Of course every species have some form of god and as such the Deveyeants gave birth to something very special. The Melashin is the singular god or goddess of the alien race. Its life is as long as that of the curent Mintaya and bares a resemblance to them. As such the current one looks much like Mintaya Olair. The Melashin is born as a embodiement ultimantly of the Deveyeant people. The life does not yield until the death of the current Mintaya. Their power growing as the number of Deveyeants and vessels grow in number. This includes the fallen, no ship or Deveyeant go to a heaven or hell but rather into the sun like heart of a mighty dragon. The dragon looking creature being the true form of the Melashin. This mighty goddess holds power over the entire Deveyeant empire as a collective hive mind that can over rule any Mintaya though the use of such power has never been required. For the Mintaya is often seen as the embodiment of the future and as such the Melashin simply helps bring that about.

In all actuality the Melashin has never needed to surface, that is untill the events that took place on one of the Asylum Instalations. An alien force so vast in scale that it rivaled any suposebly ever founded came to this planet. Threatend all in some egotistic maniacle act of believed superiority. And so the river near a small band of beings began to glisten. A light of galactic divinity so rich in color it looked more like a universe portrayed in the Northern Lights then anything else. Awakening from it was a single woman, her features enchanting build aluring. Hair a profound red with eyes as blue as the galaxies most lavish sea. The young teenager looked to be the leader and the deity smiled warmly at Jade. "The Mintaya is trying to reason with these people but your pressense here tells me that this psychic being is not a reasonable sort. What does Melony need to do to help you drive this force away?" Melony serving as a good casual name the Melashin thought.

Waving her hand metalic soldiers began to apear in massive number before fading into nothingness. They seemed completely gone from natural and psychic sight in but a moment. These armored figures clearly a back up to aid against the enemy if needed. Melony didn't like what was being pressented on her planet. She would preffer to stick in the humanesque look if it was required though there was no limit to how far she would go to dispose of this threat. Olair thought of her people first and Melony as predicted did the same.

It is but a rumor, but they're is one that says "Reaver" is her child