Is Batman the most epic superheroe ever?

The dark knight rises was a great movie, and i even preferred it to the dark knight but there was something that i noticed while watching the movie, when bane and batman fought each other for the first time and also, the last 20 minutes of the movie when batman was saving the city, everyone in the movie theater was silent. i actually wanted to cry at the end of the movie and i read other blogs about people who actually did cry at the end of the movie. i don't think that there has been any other superhero movie or movie of recent that has moved people like that and so, this got me thinking, is batman the most epic and motivating superhero ever? what do you guys think?


my dark knight rises theory was right, partially. (spoiler)

just saw the dark knight rises and i have to say that it was freaking awesome. if you read my blog about my dark knight rises theory, then you will know that my theory was partially correct. batman didn't die but we find out that john blake is actually dick grayson/ robin. (which is awesome) so, do you guys think that warner bros will make more batman movies with joseph gordon levitt as nightwing or do you think that they will just reboot batman and forget about robin.


Marvel's dark universe, what happened to it?

When i was a kid, i used to enjoy reading the stories of marvel's dark characters such as ghost rider, blade, midnight sons, night stalkers, morbius and doctor strange. these characters used to be awesome but for some reason, marvel doesn't seem to show that much interest in them anymore. i mean, when was the last time marvel did a crossover or saga just for the dark characters. Hannibal king, frank drake, werewolf by night and blade rarely show up anymore and even doctor strange has now become somewhat useless and boring. the only dark character that is somewhat important now is ghost rider and even he doesn't have his own ongoing series (screw the female ghost rider, she sucks). i wish marvel would bring back their dark heroes and reintroduce them in a modern way. so what about you guys, do you think that marvel should start focusing more on their dark characters or have these heroes become a thing of the past?


A world without governments

If you had the chance to eliminate the current system of your national government, what type of government (communism, fascism, etc) or social structure (living in clans, small societal groups, etc) would you put to replace it?


Alien invasion or Zombie apocalypse?

Would you rather go through an alien invasion like independence day where the aliens just blow the shit out of everything or would you rather go through a zombie apocalypse like 28 days later where the zombies are super fast and strong. which one would you rather experience?


The Dark Knight Rises: Dick Grayson theory

So i was watching a trailer for the dark knight rises and a scene in the trailer got me thinking. what if Joseph Gordon Levitt's character John Blake is actually Dick Grayson.

First, at 0:08, john Blake says to a kid "so you know about HIM?", but who is he referring to? i initially thought he was referring to batman but batman is a legend in Gotham and asking someone if they know about batman doesn't seem to make sense unless he was referring to robin (himself) since robin might not have been as popular as batman.

secondly, at 0:16, the kid says to Blake "do you think he is coming back?". now, the kid might be referring to batman or maybe to robin (since we all know that Dick Grayson quit from being robin for a while). then Blake responds "i don't know", maybe he is referring to the fact that he is not sure if he wants to return to the whole "vigilante" business. maybe this scene gets Blake (Grayson) to think about returning to batman's side.

Thirdly, Christopher Nolan said that robin would not be in any of the movies but he never said anything nightwing or Dick Grayson.

fourthly, the movie takes place 8 years after the dark knight. there is a time gap for a reason. what if batman met a 16 year old Dick Grayson after the events of the dark knight (that would make Grayson 24 years old in the movie, right age for nightwing), this 8 year gap would be enough time for Grayson to become robin and also quit.

lastly, what if batman dies in a fight against bane or something and this causes Dick grayson to take the mantle of batman just like he did in the comics. after all, if you remember what Ras a Ghul said in the first movie "a man can be corrupted but a symbol is immortal", that means that Bruce Wayne can die but batman can be immortal (hence Dick Grayson becoming batman after Bruce Wayne's death).

these are just my thoughts, what do you guys think?


30 year old virgin: is it weird?

NOTE: i am not a 30 year old virgin, i'm not even close to thirty yet. i was watching the big bang theory and there was a scene about Raj being a 30 year old virgin and he felt ashamed about it, so i just wanted to know if it actually is weird to be a 30 yr old virgin

Do you think it would be weird if someone (male or female) was a 30 year old virgin and had never even been on a date?


Dating: loneliness or gold digger?

This is a bit off topic but i was just wondering what would be a better idea, to spend the rest of your foreseeable future alone, hoping that you will find "the one" some day or date someone who only wants you for your money?


Superman vs Martian Manhunter

Who would win in a fight between the last son of krypton and the last green martian? (No kryptonite and no fire, besides superman's heat vision)

Superman's powers include: super strength, super speed, invulnerability, x-ray, heat and microscopic vision, arctic breathe, super hearing and flight


Martian Manhunters powers include: super strength, super speed, high durability (not invulnerability), telepathy, shape shifting, intangibility (phasing), martian vision (kind of like heat vision), super hearing and flight.

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