DC comics: third wave of 'The New 52'

In case you didn't already know, last month dc announced the "second wave" of the new 52. This means six of their comics that were low on sales will now be replaced by six new ones starting in May. Exiting stuff, right? Now this is my question to you guys: If you could choose a new comic (or comics) you could make as a new ongoing series in dc, what would it be? I would love to see an AZRAEL #1. I know many would complain we already have enough bat-books as it is, but I disagree with this because although Azrael is classified as a bat related character, he isn't really related to Batman at all. My point is it doesn't make sense for Azrael to be ruled off because he is another Batman character. Not such a great fan of SHAZAM myself but I know plenty of people who are. A spoiler comic might be cool, not that important though. One comic I seriously miss is 'The Outsiders'. I would love to read that so much. So what would you like to read?????