Do you uses words on the CV in real life?

do you uses word like "for the win" or "Troll" 
I wanted to call me boss a troll at work because that what he does, he start s%^& at work he always an A&%hole to people who don't work with us. The other day I was watching a sports team and I was like "insert name" for the win! and their are other words
So have do uses word from the CV in real life???  


Gadgets Vs. Powers

Gadgets Vs. Powers

which Is better? their are tons of gadgets that could take out just about anyone a flash granade could blide cyclops leaving him just about helpless yet some like magneto could easily kill anyone with a tiny bit of metal on them.. Some of the most dangerous people don't have powers eg: Dr. Doom, Batman, Deathstroke and Captain America who only uses a sheild (Which is just a gadget). Some of the greatest Hero like Silver Surf, Superman, Wonder Women and Dooms Day.. Could Destroy plannets but is their a weapon that could take them all out? eg: Even Galactus (a guy who eats planets) was taken out by the Ultimate Nullifier a gadget that fits in the palm of ones hand right.   
So which is better the gadgets or the powers?        

Marvel's killing spree

Does anyone else think that lately marvels been a bit trigger happy and killing off a lot of character eg. Headsman, Nightcrawler, Cable and now Bullseye. I'm sure their are others that I know about, do you think their doing this to bring out new characters? is it just for sales? or did it really help with the story?