Pull month: November.

Comic books I will get this month. 

November 3rd:Brightest Day #13,Red Hood: Lost Days #6 (of 6),Avengers Academy #6.Interested: Punisher: In the Blood #1 (of 5). 
November 10th:Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #6 (of 6),Booster Gold #36,Justice League: Generation Lost #13.Interested: Ant-Man and Wasp #1 (of ?). 
November 17th: Brightest Day #14,X-23 #3.Interested: Batman: The Return,Osborn #1 (of 5). 
November 24th: Batman Beyond #6 (of 6),Green Arrow #6,Justice League: Generation Lost #14,Teen Titans #89,Deadpool #29,Secret Avengers #7.Interested: None.


Seriously the last week is HELL.

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Poll: What should I get ?

I want the Comic Vine users opinion for wich 3.99 comic book I should get. But first I have 


Justice League: Generation Lost #12 wich is 2.99. 



And Green Arrow #5 wich is also 2.99 and I will buy them without problem. 


 What would be the better to buy. 
Teen Titans # 88 ?                                                                                                                                                                                                             Time Masters: Vanishing Point 4 of 5






Or Secret Avengers #6. 
So please vote in the comment section.

 Also sorry about the extreme sapcing but this is the first time I put images in a blog.


Pull dates.

This is something I will be doing in the beginning of each month were I will be posting for each week what I will get from my pull list or titles I am interested in.At the end I will give a brief comment about it and I will edit this if I ever make a mistake.
October 6th:Brightest Day #11,Red Hood: Lost Days #5 (of 6),Avengers Academy #5.Interested: None. 
October 13th:Batman:The Return of Bruce Wayne #5 (of 6),Booster Gold #37,Justice League: Generation Lost #11. Interested: None
October 20th:Batman Beyond #5 (of 6),Brightest Day #12,Deadpool #28,X-23 #2.Interested:Kick-Ass 2 #1. 
October 27th:Green Arrow #5,Justice League: Generation Lost #12,Teen Titans #88,Time Masters: Vanishing Point #4 (of 6),Secret Avengers #6.Interested:None. 
All I have to say about this month is that i really need to cut back on the DC comics just a little bit.Also the last week is usually Hell. 


Comic Vine is great.

I have been here for more than a month and i have to say this website has much more enjoyable forums than the ones on the DC website.I will go by the characters and team that i usually go to on DC. 
When i go to Booster's spot all they write about is that Booster's series is going to get cancelled at any time instead of hoping that a new writer might come on and tell a great storie.When i go to Blue Beetle's spot all they whine about is that they want Ted back and wont give Jaime a chance.Even though all troughout the series he uses strategies and always wonders how Ted would do in this situation.So instead of not caring of the predecessor they respect him past legacie.And on the Teen Titans page all they do is whine that Henderson is a crap writer (in my opinion she might have a couple of good stories in her head but having her start with a team book wasn't a good idea).And always come up with new team line-ups and they should have more Young Justice members since those days were golden compared to what was written after Geoff Johnns left the title.And theres another thing,they keep saying that Geoff should come back on the book since his stories were just so great and basically everything afterwards isn't good in comparision.Here's the thing Geoff is the hottest writer for DC and obviously he will be assigned a lot of projects at the same time,at the moment he is writing Green Lantern,Flash and Brightest Day.And for those other writers there stories weren't bad but i would assume they were very heavily pushed by the editor,mainly kiiling a lot of the members.So yeah thats my rant for today.

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First Day

When i first made my account on Comic Vine i thought it was just a website were i would be able to write reviews,post on the forums and maybe fololw some really cool people but i had no idea that you could do quests wich was a suprize for me.But i think it's a cool idea wich makes this website more different from  other comic book websites.
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