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I have owned for over 6 years now the Archie Sonic The Hedgehog comic issue #1. But the problem is, is that I have read the comic once or twice and left it in a slimy in a suit case behind my bed for the past 6 years as well. What should I do with it. I could sell it but I feel like it is way to valuable for me to just get a quick buck for. I could display but it would increase the chance of it being stolen since my room has a window that reveals the whole room. I have no idea what to do with it but I don't want to get rid of it. What should I do with it.

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@RoboShark: Sure just so long as you tell where to put it in the list.

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So recently I made a list of the full timeline of Batman from when he first put on the Cowl - The New 52. However the list is near impossible to collection without winning the Lottery.

Because of this I am going to write a list that I think are the most important stories in batman career.

  1. Batman: Year One
  2. Batman: The Man Who Laughs
  3. Batman: The Long Halloween
  4. Batman: Dark Victory
  5. Batman: Gauntlet
  6. Robin: Year One
  7. Batgirl: Year One
  8. Batman :The Killing Joke
  9. Arkham Asylum A Serious House On Serious Earth
  10. Batman: Death In The Family
  11. Batman: A Lonely Place Of Dying
  12. Robin: A Hero Reborn
  13. Batman: Knightfall Part 1 - 3
  14. Batman: Prodical
  15. Batman: Cataclysm
  16. Batman: No Man's Land Part 1 - 5
  17. Batman: Evolution (New Gotham Vol 1)
  18. Batman: Officer Down (New Gotham Vol 2)
  19. Batman: Hush
  20. Batman: War Drums
  21. Batman: War Games Vol 1 - 3
  22. Identity Crisis
  23. The OMAC Project
  24. Batman And Son
  25. Batman: Resurrection of Ra's Ah Ghul
  26. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
  27. Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again

That Should be everything Novel you need to understand the whole Batman universe and what happens.

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@bob agent of agency x: no I don't have any of these except for batman year one. I just researched it. But I must say if this is what you need to read before reading issue 1 of the new 52. it would be near impossible.

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I forgot to add that Robin Year one and Batgirl Year one happen just after Batman Dark victory so remember to add those in as well.

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Although I had just started reading batman graphic novels I have been trying to get his story fully and collect them all. So I made a list of what other people have said is the order of his novel and here is the list

P.S. I know I have made mistakes plz tell me where I missed them ok.

  1. Batman Year One
  2. Batman Shaman
  3. Batman & the Monster Men
  4. Batman& the Mad Monk
  5. Batman Prey
  6. Batman the Man Who Laughs
  7. Batman Gothic
  8. Batman Venom
  9. Batman Four of a Kind
  10. Collected Legends of the Dark Knight
  11. Batman Other Realms
  12. Batman Snow
  13. Batman and The Long Halloween
  14. Batman Dark Victory
  15. Batman The Gauntlet and Robin Year One (not fully sure though)
  16. Batman Haunted knight
  17. Batman Faces
  18. Batman Terror
  19. Batman Monsters
  20. Batman Rules of Engagement
  21. Batman Night Crisis
  22. Batman The Cat and the Bat
  23. Batman King Tuts Tomb
  24. Batman Tales of the Demon
  25. Batman The nights of the Beast
  26. Batman The Killing Joke
  27. Arkham Asylum A Serious House on Serious Earth
  28. Batman Death in the Family
  29. Batman A Lonely Place of Mine
  30. Batman Blind Justice
  31. The Sword of Azreal
  32. Batman Knight fall vol 1 - 3
  33. Batman Prodical
  34. Batman Anarky
  35. Batman Contagion
  36. Batman Legacy
  37. Batman Cataclysm
  38. Batman No Mans Land Vol 1 - 5
  39. Batman Evolustion
  40. Batman Officer Down
  41. Bruce Wayne Murderer?
  42. Bruce Wayne Fugitive Vol 1 - 3
  43. Hush Vol 1 - 2
  44. Batman Death in the Maidens
  45. Batman Broken City
  46. Batman As the crow Flies
  47. Batman War Drums
  48. Batman War Games vol 1 - 3
  49. Batman Hush Returns
  50. Batman City of Crime
  51. Batman Under the Hood Vol 1 - 2
  52. Batman War Crimes
  53. Batman Face the Face
  54. Batman Detective
  55. Batman and Son
  56. Batman Death in the City
  57. Batman The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul
  58. Batman and the Black Glove
  59. Batman Private Casebook
  60. Batman Heart of Hush
  61. Batman R.I.P.
  62. Batman What Ever Happened To The Caped Crusader
  63. Batman Battle of the Cowl
  64. Batman Battle of the Cowl Companion
  65. Batman Reborn
  66. Batman Vs Robin
  67. Batman Long Shadows
  68. Batman Hush Money
  69. Batman Life After Death
  70. Batman Arkham Reborn
  71. Time and the Batman
  72. Batman Must Die
  73. Batman The Road Home
  74. Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne
  75. Batman Eye of the Beholder

That should be all of them up to the new 52 Batman issue 1.

If I made any mistake please tell.