Ok so you know how electro is gonna be the first baddy in amazing spiderman #1

Well what if the identity of the green goblin identity is the same as the one in the amazing spiderman 2 movie

I don't know just saw the 3 minute trailer and im kinda on a spaz attack now


Who or how do you think Peter Parker will come back?

My idea is kinda spoilers

I personally believe it will be green goblin who will be bring peter parker since now he knows ock is parker

How I'm not sure of

Why: probably to spite ock

I really wanted peter's resurrection to stem of the storylines from the early 2000s about how his powers might be magic


Amazing Spiderman relaunch theory's

alright so peter is coming back after goblin nation

I believe that his quo will be just like he was before bigtime

He will probably be fired from horizon

JJJ is probably gonna be kicked out as mayor since he was blackmailed my superior to allow him an army and the raft

This will most likely lead to JJJ getting his old job back at the bugle

and peter will go back as a photographer

All in time for the Amazing Spiderman 2 movie

**What do you guys think???