Avenger's Review

I'd give the new Marvel Avenger's movie 3 stars. It wasn't as good as I had hoped and anticipated. The supporting characters' comic relief lacked wit, and was extremely predictable. I did enjoy the action scenes and the special effects. I was also disappointed that Hawkeye's costume didn't follow the comics, and that they changed the Black Widow's real name. Also, I really wish they would have stuck with the original Avenger's line up, and had Ant Man, that was disappointing. I'd recommend it for someone who isn't into comics, or really knows anything about the characters' history, but for someone who's big on technicality, it will be a disappointment to them. However, there are a lot of comic references and phrases that the characters use, that only a true comic reader would understand, so that was appreciated. One more disappointment: it was sad that my dad and I were some of the only ones in the theater that laughed when Stan Lee made his cameo, and little remark about superheroes in New York. I would have expected people to know more about the movie they are going to see, but I guess that wasn't the case.