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  • Real Name: Lillian Abendroth
  • Birthplace: Zugspitze, Germany
  • Alias: Magenta Magician, Violaceous Diviner
  • Age: 17
  • Alignment: Good
  • Height: 5'5''
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Hair Color: Ash
  • Eye Color: Violet
  • Affiliation: Ambrosius

The Child of the Void of Course

At every turn of a century a child is born under an ominous moon in December, within an obscure village of mystics on the pass of Zugspitze. This child is destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy of brobdingnagian proportions. In the beginning, elders of the village had feared the original kind der leere natürlich (child of the void of course), and so she was sacrificed on an altar in the name of Heimdallr to prevent the unknown from taking its course. Since then the elders have continued to follow the ritual sacrifice of the kinder der leere natürlich---that is, until Lillian Abendroth was born.

Rescued by an unknown savior and unlikely hero, she was immediately dumped on to the front steps of the Ebonholz Orphanage of Kempten in Bavaria; and though she grew up in a house of parentless children like herself, she had trouble connecting with the others, save a popular thirteen year old girl named Agnes whom had made efforts to befriend her early on. Still, Lillian often found herself on the worst end of bullying despite her friendship with Agnes. She was able to find solace in the orphanage's library, however, where she found a mysterious book that opened her to the world of magic.

By the age of six, her innate affinity to supernatural forces began to manifest and the other children at Ebonholz Waisenhaus grew fearful of her then; even the overseer of the orphanage felt uneasy around her. Soon Lillian's preternatural spirit had summoned hordes of mythical creatures who ran rampant in the city. This event fulfilled the first unknown stage of the ancient prophecy, for the first time, and served to segue the new child of the void of course on to a path riddled with ill omens.

Meanwhile, sightings of winged creatures were reported by residents Kempton and word spread to various corners of the globe, garnering the attention of one of the world's most illustrious mystics, the Paranormal Picasso himself, Ambrosius Romeiro, who set out to investigate the phenomena. His findings led him to the orphange, where he not only discovered the girl at the center of it all, but the raw potential for magic she held. Rather than take her life, he took her in - with no resistance from the overseer at Ebonholz Waisenhaus; and with Lillian as his witness, Ambrosius easily quelled invasion the very same night.

The next phenomenon of the ancient prophecy occured when she reached the age of twelve. This phenomenon, however, was more subtle, occuring alongside and masking itself under her natural stage of puberty. All becomes clear on her eighteenth birthday, when the final phenomenon will begin.

The Magenta Magician

Since coming into the adoptive care of the Paranormal Perfectionist, Lillian has improved her craft nearly a hundred-fold. Yet even still, she, like her age, is still only an adolescent in the arts of mysticism.

Earth Magic (Credit goes to Ambrosius for writing this)

Her earth magic is a balanced blend of elemental finesse and harbored elephantine raw power. Having previously agreed to an ethereally binding contract with an encountered Earth Spirit, Magenta's designated element of nature is earth and all of it's encompassing characteristics. While yet to acquire the rank of a master elemental sorceress, Magenta's preternatural predisposition for the supernatural manipulation of the earth element is further augmented by her studious inclination towards cerebral magic. Making use of hand gestures as opposed to incantations, Magenta's ritual hand symbols serve as the fundamental connection, the primary practice that links her innate mystical essence or spirit to her designated element of earth, and as a result, they are an imperative inclusion for her earth-based sorcery.

Through these hand gestures, she is capable of geokinetic manipulation, fundamentally instigated by her elemental magic. Capable of manipulating the diversified forms of earth such as crystals, diamonds, coal etc. as well as more grandiose effects such as the illustrative topographical alteration of her environments, Magenta is further capable of the conjuration of various earth-based constructs. Able to erect colossal rocky structures and manipulate them accordingly, as well as the geokinetic manipulation of rock in a variety of forms e.g segmenting large rocky masses into minuscule pebbles used as projectiles, flinging large fragments of Earth etc. Magenta is further capable of elemental evocation, summoning earth-based creatures of varied rocky compositions. Capable of summoning rock golems, diamond golems etc. to aid in battle, Magenta maintains a conscious control over her elemental cronies, rendering betrayal conventionally impossible.