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Life Energy Absorbtion (by touch)
Telepathic control over plants (like aquaman's ability with sea life*)
Pheromone Control 
Poison Kiss 
Can create blasts of solar energy 
Shoot out thorns from body  
Power level increases when close to nature 
Resurrect the dead (plant or any once living organism) 
Immune to poison  
Can survive underwater 
Can use photosynthesis and/or oral consumption to get nutrients
Can track by sending out plant spores/seeds to lock onto targets 
Any type of plant cna communicate with her, and vice versa  

Travels by: 
1. vines that extend from her arms (like spider man :P) 
2. by dissolving into many leaves or petals and being carried off by the wind 
New & Improved battle ready Madame Rose
New & Improved battle ready Madame Rose

3. creating a giant leaf to surf on through the sky 
4. just regualr ol' walking, jogging, or running too : ) 

Being away from any type of living organism for too long  

2010 Version:

Platted armor 
Poisonous claws  
Can shoot dagger like nails out of nail beds 
Can blend into the shadows or any plant life