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I Know a lot of people will say that the first two movies X1 and x2 were good, but i still think that looking back at them They Sucked! Just because the third movie was such a down point dose not give the other two any validity. We need someone to take a good x-men story "not hard, they already exist." and make it into a movie. Why were both punisher and hulk  movies just ok or flat out sucked, they were made for kids or "teens".  Real fans will never be happy with a 50's ideal comic book,   movie instead of taking a comic book  and making into movie. "if that makes sense." we need good dialog and story, we need to feel like it's real.

 I don't think He's are man.  but marvel isn't going to want to either. 

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Gladiator says:

"Some very good points made here. Im glad to see that im not the only one that has noticed this trend. I remember there was a story where Gladiator and Wolverine fought, i think it lasted 7 days or something ending with Gladiator breaking one of wolverines claws. Till this day i cant figure out how wolverine lasted 7 days against Gladiator. The writers just need to come up with more creative ways to write Gladiator if they are going to use him in stories."
I know this is an old subject, and I agree with most of what was written but you might be underrating wolverine. For one point and we don't know for a fact but wolverine is probably much olderthan Gladiator and has been fighting before he was born. He has been in fights with others lasting dayssuch as Omega red. Gladiator could knock him across a few states so he would need to keep wanting to fighting, but Wolverine could take it and keep going. In my very one sided opinion Wolverinecould best super man him self...maybe not but he could fight him for 7 days and brake a claw.
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ok thanks I was just a retard

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If Madureira was born in 1974, and got his first internship at 16. Why is there covers form as early as 1979? maybe it's just that I'm just bing a re re but that seems a little off to me.