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As I said on the other thread, this is only a rumour so far with information gathered from a so called 'reliable' source. Nothing has been confirmed yet and Momoa denied that he was Aquaman a while back. Nonetheless, if it were true, I could see Momoa pulling this role off. There are some similarities in Karl Drogo's role that can easily be applied to Aquaman plus he's a pretty good actor to boot with the physicality to match Aquaman's appearance. This could potentially work well if true.

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Wasn't the last World Cup final match Spain vs Netherlands? Damn that showed a massive difference in performance between the two teams when Spain got utterly destroyed by The Netherlands. I've never seen them lose so badly to another country.

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Quick someone tag MasterDetective and rub these early reviews in his face!

suck it haters. Dear redhead haters, This is a picture I would like to share with you. - badassredhead.. the gif was funny, the desc ruined it :/

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@ssj_god: You can put yourself down for characters now if you want.

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@waezi2: Yeah the Batman and Green Lantern New 52 series could just as easily have taken place in the Pre New 52 universe. You wouldn't know the difference if they did :P

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@dernman: Hehehe you joke like that but that is how a lot of former DC fans feel about the New 52. As if it's a literal stab in the back against a universe and characters they were strongly attacked to suddenly cut off cruelly and painfully. It's driven some fans into the arms of Marvel, Image and Indie companies or just put off comics, in any case those guys are no longer DC fans. But I doubt DC cares enough about those fans to bring back the entire Pre Flashpoint universe for them.

@superguy1591 Is the waffling comment directed at me? If so, why do you think I'm waffling if you don't mind my asking? I purposely wrote a long OP to set the context on these rumours, to point out Bleeding Cool's reputation and to not foster false hope about the return of the Pre Flashpoint universe. That's why it's so long and there are justifiable reasons for writing a longer OP than usual in this scenario.

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Also apologies for the long OP, I felt I needed to lay some things out clearly for those who wouldn't take this news less dubiously. I personally don't trust the reliability of this gossip at all but it's at least something to talk about if not for its other topics that spin out of this rumour.

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I've put the Bleeding Cool rumour part of this post in big clear cap locks so that it's clear for all to see that this is first and foremost A RUMOUR. Rich Johnston and Bleeding Cool are known for stirring fanboy fever up with fabricated stories and non existent news in the past. And I have a strong feeling that this could be another such piece of BS that Johnston is putting out to increase site viewings and garner the supporters of the old DCU.

Why have I mentioned the old DCU? Well these two articles from BC will show you why. In this first BC article, Johnston talks about a possible upcoming project involving a twenty two part storyline and a weekly series too. The project is also referred to as "a love letter to DC Comics fans." A target market that DC has been woefully unattentive to since The New 52 began.

The popular DC Comics game Injustice: Gods Among Us pitted superhero against superhero, supervillain against supervillain, often from a variety of different parallel universes.

I returned to it the other day after completing it on the iPad a while back, to discover a bunch of new levels, new characters and a Darkseid character challenge. So I’m back into swipe left, swipe left, swipe up territory again. It can be rather addictive.

But what effect has it had on comic creators?

I’m told that The DC Band-Aid project as I am still calling it, given no other alternative name, consists of twenty two part stories plus a weekly book running through the two months, totalling 48 books in all.

But the content will be modelled in part on the playing experience of that game, and others such asInfinite Crisis. Pitting various DC character of various realities together, against each other, with various outcomes.

What realities, I don’t yet know. But popular amongst such games as the Red Son characters, so that’s probably a lock. So… who would you like to see in combat against each other from the DC Multiverse? And who would you like to see write and draw such confrontations?

Seriously, DC Editorial will be watching and listening. And, as the title of this piece reflects, one creator described the project to me as “a love letter to DC Comics fans.”

Are you ready to feel the love?

And in this second follow up article, Johnston makes specific reference to the Pre New 52 universe as well as his 'source' informing him that this 'Band Aid' project from DC will have the Pre Flashpoint characters come face to face with their New 52 counterparts.

The DC Comics Band Aid continues to peel off….

No sooner was the New 52 Relaunch underway (and folks found out that it was a stealth reboot) than people have been asking “when can we get the old stuff back?”

Superman in his red trunks. Batgirl in her wheelchair. Amanda Waller in her size-plus clothing. Alan Scott in his heterosexuality.

Well, as part of the comics event that we have dubbed The Band Aid, currently being planned and created in advance to help DC Comics keep putting out books during the publisher’s move from New York to Burbank and masterminded by Dan DiDio and Marie Javins, I am told that it will include Pre-52 versions of various DC characters, face to face with their New 52 counterparts.

So… who do you want to see return?

I've only posted this to encourage discussion on whether reverting back to the Pre Flashpoint universe is a good idea or whether DC should keep moving The New 52 forward. I greatly advise those optimisitc enough to see the return of the Pre Flashpoint universe to take this news with a MASSIVE pinch of salt. This is only a rumour and from Bleeding Cool at that.

So with the introductory warnings out the way, feel free to discuss this news civilly and reasonably. Hopefully not jumping to conclusions either. Is this honestly the return of the Pre Flashpoint Universe? Or is it a false lead by Bleeding Cool again?

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Nice, gonna find some time to sit down and enjoy this latest podcast session since I didn't get a chance to listen to last week's one.

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So who's remaking the thread now?