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It'll turn out to be Red Skull's mind control or the Cosmic Cube girl accidentally causing some change in Steve's backstory but until that revelation, screw you Marvel, you continue to reinforce why I don't buy your current comics anymore.

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@cable_extreme: It's really not reaching at all, Hulk's thunderclaps are pretty powerful. They can replicate nuclear level force back in Hulk's classic days, they rung Gladiator's bell good when he wasn't permanently KOed by a whisper from Black Bolt and if Green Scar's thunderclaps could be counted as well, they're capable of one shotting Rulk and sending a 60,000 ton Fin Fang Foom flying with enough force to break a Skyfather level barrier. That's more than enough to break Apocalypse's comparable fragile shields.

The Hulk is clearly physically stronger than Apocalypse, he lacks sufficient strength feats to come close. As for both characters' showings, I've seen very little from Apocalyse that are of any worth without an amp or context to them. He's significantly overhyped by the Apocalypse fanboys and by you too it would seem. Whereas Hulk's feats speak for themselves in their effectiveness.

Versatility does not equal power though, one needs to show a capable use of an esoteric powerset to make versatility a truly effective trait. Besides, the Hulk has resisted and overcome beings with one or more of the powers that Apocalypse has in total, many of which were more powerful than Apocalypse. He's resisted TK from Nate Grey and Cable, breaking the former's shield. Flying away and making a plan is such a lame cop out strategy you could suggest, not to mention fruitless because the Hulk won't give Apocalypse a moment to breathe whilst the fight is still going on. Flying away won't do Apocalypse any good because Hulk can leap high enough to hit or grab Apocalypse, so Apoc is out of options in the air or the ground.

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@g15: Yeah I don't do Saitama vs Superman threads, they're just getting as bad as Goku vs Superman threads now. The Saitama side will maintain that Saitama has never been hurt and never been beaten by anyone in his universe so therefore he can beat Superman too. And the Superman side argues that the OPM power scaling doesn't work against other fictional characters and that Superman's feats are greater than Saitama's. It's a cyclical debate by now.

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@ghostravage: Probably for the best, this guy and Thorson are joint runners for the prize of biggest and most biased Thor fanboys on here.

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Anyone expecting a further fight between Chulk and Thordis shouldn't get their hopes up, the fight stops on the next page and switches to a reluctant team up plot instead.

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Stops at Doomsday if it's Pre Flashpoint DD and would definitely be steamrolled by Mxy, the evidence provided about what an unchecked Mxy's powers are capable of so no denying that Necro-Thor would still lose. Hopefully the above discourse gets even saltier than it already is.

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Well the fight itself is today so bumping this thread to see if someone can post any scans or what happens in this fight.

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@heirtothekingdom said:

I'm getting some Hulk vibes from this enchanced Viking. Strongest Viking there is? What you tryna say Jason Aaron? Hmmm....

Wouldn't be surprised. It's not the first jab Aaron has taken against Hulk.

Ah yes, that comparison made between Dario Agger's Minotaur form and Hulk and what happened next rustled the jimmies of many a Hulk fanboy that day.

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stop at three, same shit, and no Superman doesn't have the power to bfr Hulk Superman can't go at light speed in the earth and Hulk has never had trouble with that type of opponents before. Iron Man by himself would give him trouble and no Thor would destroy Superman in a fight how?

Except that Superman has BFRed similar opponents such as Doomsday to Venus before so that claim goes right out the window.

LOL at Iron Man giving Superman any kind of trouble by himself, that's totally what an objective and credible debater would say right? Even Iron Man experts like noone1996 admit Iron Man is outclassed by the likes of Superman. Just because your precious Thor stomped Iron Man doesn't mean Superman can't do the same.

one shatters moons with shockwaves alone, while weakened and the other shakes the earth while fully powered and bloodlusted

One doesn't use that kind of striking power on a regular basis whilst the other is more willing to go all out. One would think using outlier high end feats wouldn't be all a debater is restricted to but that's all you know how to do eh Divell?

In terms of Strking Power Thor takes it

Only because of the hammer, without it Superman beats him by a country mile.

Thor resist enough energy to destroy the entire world, same as Superman, but only one was walking through it

I do like Thor #600, such an excellent and engaging issue. I also remember that was Odin Force Thor who survived Bor's energy burst, so that wasn't Thor at his regular level of power. Do try and remember the context of what you're regurgitating, you might come off less foolish than you already appear.

Durability Thor takes it. And yes Superman surivves a black hole, but anybody in the lv of herald in Marvel can do shit like that.

Speed is the only thing Superman has, and Thor doesn't really have any problem reacting to it.

Nope durability is still close with Superman taking an edge in blunt force durability as Thor's blunt force durability is not as good as his resistance to energy attacks. He's been staggered by mountain busting blows and Superman is easily capable of that level of striking power. As for speed, several decades of comics and a mountain of scans blows that defence completely out of the water. Clinging to a false fantasy does your case no favours Divell.