My love and hatred of Comic collecting

Hello fellow comic geeks! This is my first blog, but i have a feeling it wont be the last, on comic vine. I have newly discovered this, what seems to be the best Comic Book site ive encountered so far, website and i am not wasting any time. What should i blab about on my first blog post? My favorite hero? Nah. My fav villain? Nah. How i always seem to end up in a superman costume each time i get drunk?... euh i will skip that for now.

Its simple, why i love collecting these superb 32 pages of inner kid awesomeness every month. And well why i sometimes feel like just giving it up at certain times.

Certain people have passions for Sports, Science, Fashion, Tech. I myself, as most probably most of you if your reading my blog, have found mine. Comic Books. Ah yes that passion that never gives you any real useful day to day skills. The one thing that when you mention it, 3/4 of the human population still say: euh you mean those skinny publications made for kids. But i have found alot of positive things over the years of reading and collecting comics.

First off it all started with Batman, when my mom bought me for the first time a comic book. It was Detective comics Batman 663. Part of KnightFall (10). I was completely lost and had no clue what was going on, but i love it. I got sucked in and i never looked back. I was back in the day an akward and overweight kid. Bullied alot. And in Batman i found a friend that would always give me a reason to get back up when one of the idiots pushed me or hit me. Said to myself Batman never backed down. Why should i.

Another reason why I love comics and collecting them, is that later on in love i discovered myself creating my very own story arcs and cross over story's with the heroes and villains i grew to love. It jump started my creative juices in ways no other medium has been able to do. One thing you most know, i have ADD (Attention deficit disorder) and, not so much the case now, had alot of trouble reading books. So i learn the subtle nuances of the grey area in characters from comics, not from books or movies. And i think i really grew alot when i starting to write and create when i was able to analyze those nuances. Now for my own personal fun i write short story's, and from time to time i will actually do a Comic Script ( mostly on new create characters and Heroes). But i really do owe alot of my skills to the amazing writers in comics, and to my opinion alot of the comic writers we have come to read in the past and present are to best and most creative writers of the 20th and 21st century.

And although i sometimes receive funny faces or comment i have a certain pride when i say i have a comic collection. I am on a bandwagon of multiple generation's most amazing modern folklore and myth. Think of it folks, Batman and alot of other heroes are pretty much set in stone for many generations to come. Me and you have been able to follow a certain timeline of now classic or will be classic stories and actual or will be classic literature Icons.

And why does collecting comics annoy the living doodoo out of me sometimes. Well i dont have a darn Mansion to store the darn collection. And im not kidding, fellow readers, i often have the original Tetris song in my head when i try to store my long white comic boxes. (I should seriously get into online comic collecting i know) Like dear god sometimes i swear i have a white box plant full of comics and it just sprouts from the ground and tadda have fun. And well since comics and childhood, found memories, amazing stories and maybe potential money i rarely get ride of them. But hence forth, it leaves me with storage issues big time. Not to mention eventually i could of bought a damn car with what i spent and will spend. Girl friends actually not beeing weirded out by it, like man total looser, was an issue also. Not anymore, but man do i have stories about that. I mean, i dont look like you conventional geek (best example is to look at my main picture on my profile and you will understand) but i am one. Girls dont get that at first.

And that will be it so far. If you are reading this, well good on you, you survived my first comic related rambling. And i hope yo will come along back for another of my super duper yay blogs.

Sincere Thanks

Louis Monette