Money, Money, Money!

So before Christmas I went a bit crazy in my LCS and Amazon, here be a picture of what over £100 worth of graphics look like.

My Wallet Weeps Still
My Wallet Weeps Still

Star Wars Blu-Ray added for comparissons sake.


Hi, Part 2.

Hello there,


There have been 3 points in my life when I have collected comics, the first of these was around 97/98 when I was coming to the end of my primary school life and beginning of high school life, this lasted a few years, but it was more the buying of random and individual comics, this stopped when my brother got banned from the shop for reasons to this day still unknown, the shop clossed up a few months later, so I like to think that the loss of my family's money made them close down.

Once I got into University in 2004, I began collecting again, mostly due to the buzz around Identity Crisis, a bit more serious than before, this lasted till about 2007 when I just got burnt out and was unable to fund it any more, I did keep up with major developments and kept an eye on any ongoing events.

With Graduation from University in 2011 and a job I was looking at getting back into collecting again, then I heard about The New 52 and decided there would be no better time to jump back in than now, so I have slowly been easing my self back in ever since.

My Plan

Due to my on off nature of collecting comics over the years, there has been runs and story arcs that I have missed out on, so as you may have guessed my plan is to go back and either read them for the first time or re-read them now through older eyes, even some influential runs from earlier than when I first started I have missed out on completley, i.e. Frank Miller's Daredevil run, thanks to the production of TPBs I can go back and read some of these missed runs, that I wasn't able to do back in the 90s.

I have already got a few runs and arcs planned out to read, in the order I remmeber them in;

There is so many influential or important runs on comics I have never read or read to completion, so more will follow, but thats a taster.

I already have my first one lined up, and it isn't one of the above mentioned. It is a story arc from around the late-90s that was being published around the time I started collecting for the first time, and despite it's significance I've never read all of it only an issue here and there, it was also recently republished in a nice TPB so I am now able to read it in it's entirety, and it was while reading it I got the idea for this.

Thats me, thanks for reading!

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Hi there, I plan to do something with this soon (maybe Sunday), so if you've stumbled across this come back next week and there maybe somthing here!!

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