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It's ironic that he disagrees with Scott's decision to let Idie kill, and yet he is/was on X-force, and the poster regarding the new rosters show X-force on his side. He'll always have the animal side to him, .

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The guardians' decisions are becoming rediculous. If Sinestro stay as a GL for any prolonged amount of time, I think it only fair for Hal to gain power as a Sinestro ring bearer, he's had the whole parallax experiences before, it could work.

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Hal was possessed, but I'm pretty sure it would've been he that longed for Coast City to be re-created at any cost, not parallax, I would blame him for Zero Hour. 
Hood was sort of becoming possessed, but he's a bad nut anyway so no one gave that a second thought.

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I was excited for someone powerful behind Wolverine, and it turns and to be fire and ice Oya (did someone say Equinox?!), suppose I don't mind her. I've never seen Marvel Girl look like that, and there's too many on X-factor, bring Havok and Polaris over to ol' canucklehead's team. Iceman and Havok are the only people I'm interested in on the Yellow side. I'm far more excited for the Blue team.

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No Archangel/Warren then, damn.

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I like Seb Shaw but gen. Hope looks pretty naff, especially without Oya, who's just developing more character having killed for the first time. I like this Blue side, full of powerhouses, they would totally dominate the Gold. I also wonder where are all the other mutants? like Rockslide, Hellion, Pixie etc, I reckon they'll stay with Frost, so I'm guessing that's going to be on Utopia.

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@primepower53: Thankyou very much.
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Could be a revived Kwannon or something on either gold or blue. To me that doesn't look like normal beast. Bolaris behind Gambit maybe? And Rachel Summers behind Iceman I reckon. I don't understand why Havok's not got the part of his costume that goes round his face, and why he and Shatterstar (from this angle) look very similar.

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The initial drawing of War Machine's "Iron Man 2.0" armour looked pretty cool. But here it looks pretty generic, and not War Machine-esque at all.

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Hawkeye looks dumb in my opinion. Thor and Loki look just as cool as they did in their movie. It will be interesting to see what suit Iron Man wears, thus far I haven't seen any triangular shape on his chest (his latest model in Iron Man 2) so does that mean they're discounting that stupid new element stuff I wonder? hmm.
@ninjacommando: Yeah by the looks of it, Chris Evans isn't big enough to fit it, and his head/helmet thing looks silly.