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First and foremost, i too am a comic book geek.. the very reason why i join the Vine..

the other things about me.. well..

My name is _____________ +++++ de +++++, 23 years old from the Philippines.. I was born sometime in October 1987.. I live my my mom and two siblings.. i have an older brother who's like 10 years older than me and whom should i thank in opening my eyes in the beauty of the comic book world.. I have a younger sister who's 5 years younger than me.. My dad died 6 years ago so its only me, my mom and my siblings left in our, hmmm, house..

I'm proud that I'm FILIPINO by nationality and a Eurasian by ancestry.. My dad came from one of the oldest Spanish Mestizo families from the province of Manila and Negros Occidental.. My Spanish forefathers came to the Philippines somewhere during the 1800's, and from them, I descended from Spanish Nobles who held lordship over the Cantabrian Mountains of Spain who descended from the kings of the ancient Kingdom of Asturias and then migrated to Mexico and gained unparalleled wealth and influence which is also one of the founding members of the defunct Mexican Imperial Family.. the main branch of the family now resides in Spain and has married into other important European royal/noble families and currently holds the titles of Duke, Marquis and Count and the exalted rank of Grandee of Spain.. (not much for incognito huh? lol) .. My mom on the other hand, came from some a somewhat privileged Spanish-Chinese-Filipino family from Iloilo.. but aside from that opulent part of my being, well I'm a fairly ordinary guy..

I'm also somewhat of a polyglot.. i speak Filipino, English and Spanish fluently.. I also know how to speak French, Italian, a little bit of Mandarin and Japanese but not as proficient as the first three.. I also understand but hardly speak local dialect such as Ilonggo (from my mom and dad's provinces)..

I love comics.. my favorite are those of the X-Men Series and other company crossovers.. i also like The Spectre, The Avengers, The Sandman to name a few..