From the comics to hollywood

Now I cant say that hollywood's intrest in comic books is lame and boring because they been doing one hell of a job. But whats the chances that they might be over doing it. With upcoming movies like Iron Man, and the Batman and Superman sequels and other future movies like Teen Titans and The Avengers do you think there going to turn out ok. Im not wishing bad luck or anything but how sure are they that these movies are going to come out. I know for sure I'll be one of the first ones in line to see The Justice Leauge movie when it come out, but do they have the money to make a movie that will have some very high expectations. I mean they haven't even found a Wonder Woman or Flash for their those movies. Like I said I'm not trying put ill wishes on the movies I'm just looking for some reassurance that these movies are going to be out to keep us entertained and hanging off the edge of our seats