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Another miss in DC movie castings.

He didn't get cast- he was in talks with Warner Brothers about the possibility of being cast.

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I don't think that Gotham is the only show that Bastardizes its characters, and that's a pretty harsh word in my opinion. Taking liberties would better describe it I think.

With that said.....what's the big deal with changing characters or straying from source material if the show is entertaining? The original source material is available to anyone if they are interested in reading what really happens. And even in reading the original source material.....for every good Batman story, there is an equally bad one.

I'm not trying to convince anyone to watch the show, I just don't understand a lot of the hate, because I really enjoy this show and what its trying to do. Everyone has their own tastes. I can't stand Agents of Shield for example, and have been vocal on that. But I don't hate it....its just not for me so I choose not to watch, because I have that power.

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@loki2u: Only by a small margin compared to Flash and Arrow

So it's entirely possible that the Gotham creators are catering to more than just the community of Comicvine, who for some reason seem to largely disagree with the remaining masses out there in terms of the enjoyability of this show?

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Didn't Gotham have the highest viewer ratings of any of the comic book shows out there?

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I dislike the use of the word "should" on these articles. It leaves with it negative connotations such as regret, and implies that you know best and that I lack the ability to make the best decisions for myself.

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One of the best posts I've read here in a long time. I agree with your sentiments, and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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@jonsmith said:

@schillenger420 said:

I had high hopes for the show when it initially aired. After the first couple episodes I stopped watching because, as you said, it was bad. I did watch a few of the more recent episodes though and I have to admit, it wasn't bad at all. It was as if the writers/actors/directors found their footing and got some traction. I'd agree with you if you were talking early AoS but it really did get a lot better.

That feeling probably has something to do with the fact Marvel hamstrung Agents of SHIELD out the gate: They were basically killing time til Winter Soldier came out. They established their characters, and a central plot, but it really was just to stall long enough until the reveal was made, SHIELD crashed, Phil took over, and the real plot could get moving.

I never got back into this show either after watching about half of the first season. It was awful in my opinion, but did hear it got better. That being said, this news still isn't enough to make me want to watch it again or catch up.

I like the DC shows because they give us more well known heroes, villains and characters. Maybe they aren't as well written, but I'm not watching these types of shows based on their writing, I want to be entertained and love seeing interpretations of more well known characters come to life.

AoS just hasn't offered this to me, and until they do....I will continue to watch something else.

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Isn't Batman dead?

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Great read Mat!

I kind of look at reboots the same way I would when a new creative team takes over a comic book. The main frame work is there, and I look forward to seeing what different minds can bring to the table and add their twist to it and see new stories.

Not comic related, but I saw that Point Break has a reboot coming out! I loved that movie back in the day. Also the Goonies would be a cool reboot!

Comic related- I'm glad Daredevil got the treatment it deserved on Netflix, and my wish more than anything is to see Y: The Last Man make its on-screen debut. Preferably an ongoing tv series.

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I think this movie will be a hard sell to the general audience, but I would really like to see it do well. My hope is that it gives us something completely new from the typical stuff we've been seeing in this genre so far.