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@uugieboogie: The scene where he takes out Vallon's gang. He said to shoot with 50 cal.

Steve taking out the quinjet was impressive, but it conveniently caught on fire every time he threw his shield at it.

During the test a bot shot at him and Alex timed it and stepped out of the way. It may not technically count as dodging bullets, but he could easily avoid the shield in the same manner. As soon as Steve throws his shield, Alex would dodge it and shoot Steve.

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@t-3000: Your case lost all credibility when you said t-800 is more durable than IM.

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@uugieboogie: Alex can aim his guns in 2 different directions.

The leader of the gang said "shoot with 50 cal and above" and he was walking through it.

Honestly, Alex fighting 4 ED's at the same time impresses me more than anything Steve has done.

And if Alex can dodge bullets, he would have no trouble at all avoiding Steve's sheild. The moment Steve throws the shield, he dies. The shield is his only hope at lasting with Alex.

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@uugieboogie: Robocop fights with 2 guns. Cap can't block shots from 2 different angles at the same time. Alex is a much better shot than Bucky anyway.

Even if Cap can block Alex's shots, there's nothing he can do to Alex. Alex was walking through a barrage of 50 caliber bullets. Cap has nothing on that.

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@uugieboogie: He blocked bullets because Bucky was shooting directly at the shield. (Which seemed like CIS to me.) Alex is smarter and would wait for Steve to make a move and cut him down when he exposes himself. Steve won't stay behind his shield forever; it's not in his character.

Robocop dodged bullets and an RPG in his new movie. Steve throws his shield quickly, but not at bullet speed.

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@livewyre718: Steve isn't fast or skilled enough to avoid bullets. Robocop showed far superior reaction speed compared to Ultron. He would easily dodge the shield.

In fact, the shield would be the only thing keeping Steve alive.

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Like I said years ago. It depends where they fight. Frank wins in Marvel, Bugs wins in LT.

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@livewyre718: Robocop gunning down a team of men with 50 caliber guns shows me he could take Captain America. There is NOTHING in Steve's arsenal that could put down Robocop.

Also, Ultron was not impressive. At all.

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Robocop stomps.

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@superhero24: Bucky won't distract him. Alex would gun Bucky down before he could draw any of his weapons.

Alex can predict his opponent's next move based on his computer's analysys of their body language. He would dodge the shield and shoot Steve down.

I'm a fan of Steve and Bucky, but they're outclassed here.