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- Black Bolt from WWH#1 turned out to be a Skrull. As they showed us in Illuminati and was confirmed to be the one fighting Hulk in Secret Invasion: Inhumans.   
- Incredible Hulk #300, are you serious? Thor held Hulk still for hours, he physically restrained him for hours. Though a good story this is hardly a testament to how "zomgawesome" the Hulk is at smashin'. Strange sent him away because it was easier, not because they couldn't beat him. 
- What is the Silver Surfer without the power cosmic? A hella lot stronger than Bruce Banner. It's not as if the Hulk is anything without gamma..... 
@5ive said:

" I say Gladiator would put the beats to the Hulk. Whose ever seen Gladiator get beat up? "
They fought once. Hulk punched Gladiator into a convenient radioactive plant which happened to contain the type of radioactivity that Gladiator is weak to. Even though it's rare and doesn't exist on earth, etc. 
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@FinalStar86: Now there's just about nothing to support your initial presumption, there are just two writer's errors. There's the mention of 7 gods empowering him in 52. There's Mary mentioning that she was given the powers Isis gave to Black Adam once upon a time. Both are probably just enormous mistakes on the writer's side and are contradicted by what exactly?  
About Final Crisis. Black Adam cheap-shots Mary from behind and then starts wailing on her to little effect. If speech impresses you so much, why not pay attention to Mary asking him to hit her again. It took her a whooping one attack to take both Adam and Marvel out of the fight. Not sure why you're even bothering with this though, Adam was weakened. 
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@FinalStar86: The frequency with which someone is used on a forum hardly stands in correlation with the comics. The Top is probably one of the greatest and most threatening foes The Flash ever met. 
You list no specifics, so it's difficult to say if you've seen any fights where Thor is serious. If you have anything of the newer Avengers, ANYTHING INVOLVING KANG, you will have seen Thor absorbing, redirect and amplify energy at least 3 or 4 times, just in those few showings. He uses energy absorption more than his fists against Kang. You need to read the #200 ish to #400 in v1 and at the very least all of v2, which is no more than 40 comics involving regular Thor, to get at least a decent idea of what the average Thor can do. Energy attacks are the bare basics of what he can do, even BENDIS shows him doing that much. Even in the free comic book day issue does Thor manipulate energy when dealing with Tony's insane machine.  Maybe you were unlucky but I can't recall a single serious fight Thor was in where he didn't at the very least call upon the lightning, let alone one where he was bloodlusted. Naturally, you wouldn't know the lightning's true capabilities if you're missing the vital Thor comics.  
Since you didn't really respond to this bit when I posted it earlier, I'll do so again. 
Certain character's average showings is not relevant to fights where they are meeting someone on their own level and/or are bloodlusted. This was my sole reason for bringing up Superman and The Flash here.
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@FinalStar86 said:
" @llagrok: So I have to know every character from Thor's series to have read his comics? Cool, you must know every single Flash and Superman rogue and character otherwise, who's to say you've read any of their comics?    No, Mjolnir being a plot device is common knowledge, calling time manipulation a plot device is valid because it's something that was used for the sake of the plot, and not a power Thor utilized in any of his other fights,  I have read alot of his fights before and I know what he does on a consistent basis.  "
What have you read of Thor? 
And what powers do you claim that he uses on a consistent basis. 
Not knowing who Pluto, Desak and the Dark Gods are, is like not knowing who Zoom and The Top are.
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@FinalStar86 said:
" @llagrok:Where? Where does it state this? You don't have a single statement of Adam being amped , even in Final Crisis Adam was owning Mary who supposedly had Adam's powers from before and only lost because Darkseids forces, this same Mary that supposedly had Isis' powers was getting her tail kicked by Adam, yet when Adam supposedly had her powers most of the JSA JLA Titans and Doom Patrol were having trouble with him.    Sorry but there is no proof of this, and its more likely the opposite is true, Adam was just pissed off becaose of Isis and Osiris, nothing about an amp "
The power of 7 gods :| 
Marvel was destroying Adam and Billy in Final Crisis, she was only lost due to Supergirl..... Nor is that of ANY RELEVANCE here. 
Mary Marvel was given powers by Black Adam in Countdown. Those powers were his own and Isis' powers, as Mary Marvel confirmed. How do you not understand this? She says so right in the scan.
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@FinalStar86 said:
" @llagrok: You answered your own question and from the looks of it, Adam was NOT amped during 52. "
Hardly. Adam received her powers AFTER she died obviously. 
How could Mary Marvel have Isis' powers when Isis needed them to stay alive? 
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@FinalStar86: You read Thor comics, but do not know who Pluto, Desak, Durok or The Dark Gods are.... Calling a character a plot device indicates fairly little knowledge surrounding said character.  
Thor is a thunder god, so he's not allowed to have other powers? Too bad he's displayed magical abilities since his first comic and through the nearly 50 years now. Your idea of the Thunder God does not agree with Marvel's idea.  
Why are you mentioning The Flash'es speed? My argument had nothing to do with that, rather how their average showing did not accurately portray their abilities. Address the point please, either agree or disagree. You cannot agree to this and then claim that any power not used on average is a plot device. It's one or the other. 
What is your idea of Thor's abilities then? And what Thor comics have you read?  
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@GreenLantern555: My expectations are so-so for both movies to be honest.
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1 - They'll both do fairly well. 
2 - GL has Ryan Reynolds casted as Hal, so it will suck.

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btw, there is no PC Darkseid. He was unaffected by the Crisis.