The Ticketmaster quest tips

Hoping that maybe we will finish this timed quest, and a bit disappointed at the community's performance last time, I will make another attempt at helping out. Hopefully these tips will not be too obvious/too vague and help out. 
Cameo King: 
1 - Law and Order ain't got nuthin' on Lou Ferrigno 
2 - True Blood actress first starred in this 
3 - mmm, upside down kiss 
4 - "I want a bloody costume" Colin Farrel said 
5 - Let's face it, any movie is good if it has Nick Nolte biting electricity
6 - Octopuses with 6 arms? WHAT? 
7 - Willie Lumpkin
8 - Oh my stars and garters 
9 - Not quite as good as its two predecessors... 
10 - You're not on the guest list Stan.
11 - Not quite Hugh Hefner 
12 - This soda comes with extra ZAP 
13 - No, not Larry King either 
1 - This goblin was not in the credits 
2 - Glasses? Check! Overcoat? Check! Train? Check! 
3 - No Alice Cooper, not poison. 
4 - Bring me a dreeeaaaam 
1 -  He's fat, has glasses and nobody understands why he gets women 
2 -  Older version of the same movie
3 - Strikes again! 
Old School: 
1 - Bird's not the word, the magic word is ?


Not in my world Quest-Tips

So I continue on my quest (heh) to create some non-obvious quest clues. 
Solitary Confinement 
1 - Xavier has sent some teenagers here. 
Commander in comics 
1 - A president with a thing in common with Professor Xavier. 
2 - A president who gave a not-so-convincing speech once a time. 
It's elementary 
1 - This metal is located in a nation filled with civil unrest. 
2 - This element exists in all the colours of the rainbow 
3 - This metal alloy has served as toothpick to S'ym 
4 - This gem was created to settle a bet for 8 great entities 
Greet is good 
1 - An enterprise well known for making top-notch suits. 
2 - This tower Lana Lang needs to learn how to read the fine print 
3 - This company rocks on, so to speak 
4 - Now in the hands of a 10 year old boy 
War Heroes 
1 - ¤%# yeah! 
2 - The opposite of Summer Pacifist 
3 - What does the bullfighter say to the bull? 
4 - Also the name of a flag 
5 - This young lady has the name of a British fighter 
6 - There she is, Miss .... 
7 - A great rollercoaster at six flags 
8 - Johnny Storm got nuthin' on this guy 
9 - Susan Storm's other 
10 - This Captain doesn't quite spin on an axis 
11 - Skeletor up in this mother%¤"¤er!


Turf War quest hints

Since I need something to blog about for the quest, I figured it would be a good idea to make a blog post with a couple of hints.  
I'll be in my room: 
1 - This place is somewhere cold. 
2 - This place has a giant coin in it 
Where's the party at: 
1 - Assemble! 
2 - A place one goes to learn things 
3 - Not the dynamic duo or the terrible three's home, but home of the ........  
1 - Home of famous backtalker 
That's no moon: 
1 - Alderaan, now you see it, now you don't. 
2 - Magneto's humble abode 
3 - Dr.Light had a good time here 
Someone's gotta do it: 
1 - A certain video  
2 - He washes Batman's dirty underwear 
3 - His master is rich, obnoxiously so
4 - NOT in fact a computer in Tony Stark's lab 
It's good to be king: 
1 - She married in to it. 
2 - Robin Hood away! 
4 -  No metal in his heart
5 -  Minus 1 hand
6 -  Vibranium
7 - Preaches peace and is ready to bloody her fists doing so 
8 -  Invisible Woman's guilty pleasure
9 -  Much to Superman's dismay
10 - mum's the word


Short end of the stick

It seems to me that over the last few years Thor has been treated worse outside his own comics than any other character in Marvel verse, save a few unfortunate villains. He has been getting the short end of the stick no matter which comic it was, except from in his own main series. It became clearly almost right off the bat that when Thor was revived and fell into JMS' capable hands, that we would not see him roaming through space again. The 80s were long gone and forgotten, and Thor would never duke it out with Ego: The Living planet or save a planet with The Silver Surfer. Not necessarily such a welcome change, but one I can understand at least.  JMS wanted the god of thunder to be involved in more trivial matters, such as socializing with regular folks and getting his own mailbox. I knew that this would not be so bad with one of the greatest writers that Marvel had to offer, at the wheel.  
Things were fine and dandy until Jeph Loeb came along and realized that Rulk needed a sparring partner. Logic and consistency be damned, nothing was going to stop this 2 dimensional train wrecking from taking the piss. Couple of issues later, Wolverine and Elektra are threatening the Red failure. Never fear, Frank Tieri is here! For those of you who is not familiar with this high caliber weave of tales, he is the one who challenged Garth Ennis to a pissing contest. Here Thor jumps straight off into 6 pages a issue quality against Wolverine, yes ladies and gentlemen, Thor vs Wolverine. Let's not forget Bendis' attempt at writing Thor in free comic book day Avengers, where we see Ymir suddenly appear. Now Thor has been bested off panel by Ymir, who is in possession of a redesigned Sword of Twilight. This was more a callous disregard for continuity than an actual spit in Thor's face, though it is painstakingly difficult to tell the two apart. There's another appearance in Atlas vs Avengers where it seems like he can barely handle Namorita, let alone get thrown around by The Hulk. Then there's Hulk: Let the battle begin, where Thor supposedly hit himself in the face with his own hammer five times and passed out.  Things do not stop here however, we finally arrive at Siege. Right off the bat Thor is taken down by the U-Foes and Norman Osborn. Norman Osborn's energy beams can barely take out Cyclops, Spidey and Captain America, but they drop Thor with little hassle. Never mind the immeasurable amount of punishment Thor has taken over the years, planets going asunder, standing in the sun, nuclear explosions do little harm. When Bendis is in charge, you best believe everybody's not above Cap's left hook and a shield bash.  
Power levels is one thing, consistency is another. 


Friday the 30th of April

Tonight I have decided to write down a complete list of comics that I need to start reading at some point: 
- Planetary 
- Jack of Fables 
- Captain America 
- Newer Batman 
- Morrison's JLA run 
- Enter Mandarin

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