New Xbox and Playstation both Anti-Used Games......

With reports that both the new Playstation and Xbox won't play used games, begs to ask. Is the video game industry really getting that greedy? I feel like most games are overpriced these days. With all the nickel and dimming developers are starting to do with micro-transactions. Buying full priced games, only to find out that you have to buy DLC to finish most of the main story. It's being reported that the new Xbox will require you to be online 24/7. Didn't Diablo 3 fail at this? Also, reporting that new Xbox games will come with a one time activation code. I have been a gamer for years. It's becoming a sad industry. Do they even care about the customers even more? What about all the jobs that will be lost? GameStop, Gamefly, and etc. Will the price of games go up? They have risen with each generation by 12% This would bring the total cost of a game around $71 dollars. We are worried about consoles being over priced. Game prices are the reason many people buy used. What are your opinions..


Xbox Blocks Used Games

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PS4 Blocks Used Games

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