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well worth the value! 0

this is a one-shot. I hope it is continued with part 2 soon as the ending is left wide open. The art well woth your cash and the writing as well. The writing is done in a way as to leave much room for the reader to interperate for themselves. Things like what is going on, why are they there, why are they doing these actions is left as a meystery. Perfect for a horror/ vamp comic.I highly recommend this!...

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great superfamily story 0

I greatly enjoyed the art. Mr Rocafort and mr Jergens styled made for an awesome visiaul appeal. I had some issues however with the depiction of the time wave at the beginning. It looked more like a mud wave.I dodon't know who was at fault either the colorist or the illustrator. I was also bothered by the fact that superman appeared in deep space and there was no mension of how he was breathing. There was like one or two pages of boring dialogue in the middle but the good far outweighted the bad...

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more developments to miss fury 0

The most important thing I got from this is that miss fury is becomeing more able to tap into time jumps. Not yet able to actually jump but to see time in different periods as one. Its such a cool concept I have never seen used before in comics.The writing is engaging to the extant that it keeps your attension. I will say that she/miss fury, has been going at a fast pace since issue one. It would be nice to have her slow down and get into her marla drake persona and catcb the reader up on what h...

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3.5 of four stars 7

It loks at character s that have appeared in past issues of aquaman such as the others and Sky the appache spirit walker. It also introduces Morgaine la fey to the new 52 and you get a glimps of her new alighnment. There was so many awesome characters and concepts being shown in this comic that I think it could have easily been speadout in to a 4 issue series. Aquaman was in this playing a minor role but the other characters in this really hit the mark. I was left wanting to see moreof them. Th...

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running in a dark cavern 0

Great issue. I really got the sense of a deep dark cavern and the pitch blackness dejah finds herself stumbling around in. I also really felt the struggle against the butcher as he climbs on dejah. The art continues to show how much of a beauty dejah is however there was some scenes in the art that were not in step with the story or were not expresing what was happening very clear. The good thing about this series is that it can hold its own with the absolute top of comic sellers so if you sre c...

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Average Comic 0

The standout part of this comic was the ending as far as writing. I thought it was very good and it brought some emotion between Lois and Superman. There was also the good art. There was a 2 page spread of the citizens of metropolis running wild and the background of the city looked great. Mr barrows has an ability to draw grand scale as where another picture of superman holding airspace in metropolis square demonstrates this. The bad was that it was an average story telling. I found the writing...

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2nd in 6 pt mini series 0

This score was based on the flow of the story. It was a by the numbers layour. There wasn't any big suprises in stock just jennifer in her first steps to beconing the wirlds deadliest woman. This comic score was also based on the main series. Sometimes it is just so great to be able to read a supplement to an excellent title with great characters and that's what I take thisas. Overall, I found the story quit emersive but nothing really stands out. I gave this a solid 3 stars and recommend readin...

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great secondard dejah comic (3.5 stars) 0

This is a new look at dejah that is alittle different than her main series. Here she is abit more mature and although it is different writers giving her voice it almost seems like she has grown since this takes place many years after her main series. The art and writing team do a great job conveying the direness of the situation. The setting is dark, gloomy and grimey which works well for martian butcher shop. There may be some who have a problem with the art as it not going to be one of the bes...

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even more fun with Dejah (4.25 of 5 stars) 0

The bad that I saw was that the coloring sometimes had earth human tint. I didn't like that because Martians are red. Its what seperates a scantily clad girl from a scifi almost naked red girl. I do say sometimes, because the tint fades in and out. The writing and story are pretty solid. It deals with races trying to mix (reminded me much of our own issues with race here on earth) except with a scifi twist. It has many elements of what I find to be classic literature. It reads like the setup to ...

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4.5 out of 5 0

What a long morning and afternoon its been for Jennifer. Detective Pruitt shows up on her doorstep and the two have a very tense talk. We get a fill in artist in this issue but that does not take away from the comic as on the first page he shows the detective's perspective as she sits across the kitchen table frim the most deadly woman on the planet. I have to admit I was afraid for Pruitt as she stares down Jennifer who doesn't look happy about her visit. It was a very striking first page. Prui...

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4.5 out of 5 1

This comic is just so out of controll! Interesting characters are killed off and new equally ineresting characters enter. This issue also marks a mile stone killing for Jennifer. I was literally shocked at the confrontation between the victim and jennifer. I found myself thinking to the victim 'quit running your mouth before she kills you.' Again, mr ewing hits a homerun on the plot and dialogue between characters. He's also painting Jennifer as a character that's lost all control of her right ...

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perfect score 0

This comic opens up what some of us have maybe thought thru out this whole series, especially last issue; Jennifer may not be grounded in reality. The writing by mr ewing is tops once again. Both the plotting and the dialogue bettween characters. Mr ball also does a his share of the 5 star rating for this. There is one particular illustration that shows jennifers face that shows just how bad and sexy she can be as she torches this issues victim (s). Confidence is sexy! Our soccer mom has long si...

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4 1/2 of 5 stars *spoilers for past issues* 4

First review I'm writing. This comic has inspired me to write this so I can think critically of this comic and so savor it more. This entire series has been so awesome. I bought 32 back issues on ebay thinking that Jennifer Blood Was the character Hack/Slash which I wanted to get in to.Any how, mr. Rucka wrote an amazing 1-6 of this series followed by mr ewing who is less well known but is definately not a lesser writer. As a matter of fact, things have gotten really weird ( in a good way ) unde...

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