Extra agents

(these are my alts for the liberty prime account since I have no powers I'll make it up with different skills from people)

Red Team

When prime is not available Red Team a group of super soldiers is his substitution here are the members.

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Specialty: Team Leader, Sharpshooter

Primary Weapon or Favorite: M45 Tactical Shotgun

Gender: Male

Hair color: Brown

Length of hair: Buzz cut

Eye color: Brown

Age: 25


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Specialty: Heavy weapons expert, Explosives expert,

Primary Weapon or Favorite: Dual M7/ Caseless Submachine Guns

Gender: Male

Hair color: Black

Length of hair: Bald

Eye color: Silver

Age: 27


Alice 130

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Specialty: Machine Gunner, Medic

Primary Weapon or Favorite: Dual M7, Caseless Submachine Guns

Gender: Female

Hair color: Blond

Length of hair: A few inches below the shoulders

Eye color: Green

Age: 24

Jame Gregory Cutter

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1

Weight: 175 lbs

Role: James Gregory Cutter is in charge of AOTUS operations and gives orders to all missions all of the agents respond to his orders.

Rex Salazar

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Gender: Male

Height: 5'9

Weight: 159

Age: 16

Role: Agent assistance

Powers and abilities


Machine Manifestation

Superhuman Durability:

Enhanced Strength (20 tons max limit, usually holds back)

Nanite-Enhanced Immune System

Unlimited Nanite Creation

Advanced Intellect


Powers Origin: Nanites

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AOTUS Wepons

(Under construction) (This is no where near the total amount of AOTUS weapons just a small list)


The Advance Targeting Beam.

Size: needs to hands to operate

Weight: 60 lbs

Length: 48 inches

Width: 10 inches

Durability: Very Strong (It can survive ten tons under pressure with out any damage but if more is put it breaks,it is also water and fire proof)

Ammo Capacity: 100 shots per battery

Max Range: 5'000 yards (It has a scope to zoom in that has a range of 1'000 feet and a max of 2'000)

Blast Radius: 5 sq ft

Fire Mode: N/A

Description: The ATB was a super laser created by AOTUS scientist as heavy fire power the blast has the heat of 6'000 degrees fahrenheit and gives out 1 Terra watt of energy at the target, it's primarily used on vehicles and heavily armed targets but can be used on infantry it works by charging the weapon for 1.6 seconds when than a powerful beam of energy is fires it goes about the speed of light so if your in the way and not faster than light you die, but you can easily avoid the direction of the weapon as it gives off a beam of light before shooting, also every shot the gun needs a cool down of three seconds.

M7, Caseless Submachine Guns

No Caption Provided

Size: two hands or even one is sufficient to use it

Length: 24.68 in (extended) 18.66 in (retracted)

Weight: 2.86 lbs (empty) 6.36 lbs (loaded)

Durability: Low (Can with stand 600 lbs pounds of pressure for a few minutes before breaking, it's still water proof and fire proof)

Ammo Capacity: (60 M443 Caseless Full Metal Jacket bullets)

Range: 60 yards

Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic

Fire Rate: 6 bullets per second

What are Caseless Full Metal Jacket bullets?: This ammunition is classified as "caseless", meaning it does not have a metallic casing surrounding the powder and sealing the bullet, propellant, and primer together. Instead of using this casing, the round uses a combustible adhesive to seal these components together. Because the chemical "casing" is vaporized when fired, there is no need to eject spent brass shell casings.

This feature is very beneficial. It reduces friction inside the magazine, one of the main causes of jamming in weapons. It also eliminates the need to expel brass casings, which is also a major cause of jamming, as mentioned above.

This feature is especially a boon to a user wielding two M7s at once (such as a Super Soldier) who would not want to have hot brass flying in his or her face from the eject port of the weapon in his left hand. The projectile itself is "jacketed," or coated, in a gliding metal (possibly copper or brass) and, to aid in penetration of the target, a hardened steel or Tungsten carbide core. "Caseless" rounds are actually embedded into the block of propellant, reducing their length, allowing more to be stored in a smaller space.


Size: Hand Held (One Hand)

Length: 26.8 centimeters

Weight: 1 LBS

Durability: Low (200 lbs still water and fire proof and rarely jams)

Ammo Capacity: 12 10mm Auto adamantium (sometimes) pistol rounds

Range: 50 yards

Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic

Fire Rate: 6 bullets per second

Description: It's just a custom made pistol mass produced by AOTUS and like all other weapons it can only be used by AOTUS units due a DNA scan being necessary to unlock it from shutdown mode (it's when the gun is in safety mode and can't be shot)


No Caption Provided

Length:7.9 inches

Weigh: N/A (But light)

Width: 3 inches

Thickness: 2 centimeters

Substance: The blade is mad out of Adamantium and the handle out of tungsten, all AOTUS unites carry these knives for any situation and can even be use as a throwing knife!.

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AOTUS Vehicles and Equipment

AOTUS Modern Vehicles


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MQ-1 Predator

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No Caption Provided

M1A2 Abram

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AOTUS Equipment


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Super Soldier Helmet

Weight: 5 lbs

Width: (Depends on user)

Height:(Depends on user)

Following Capabilities

  • Night Vision
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Thermal Vision
  • Echo Location (75 sq feet)
  • Radar (75 sq feet)
  • Compass
  • HUD (At the top screen of the visor is the condition of the energy shields and the top right is the ammo condition and the bottom right is the status of the body ect,)
  • Bullet Proof Visor
  • Built in flash lights (Bottom right and left)
  • Bullet resistance (It can withstand a couple hundred 50.cal's before the bullets break through)
  • Communicators
  • Life Check (Check the vital statuses of allies and other beings to the the advance CPU built inside that can scan objects)
  • Morphine Boost (When the CPU inside the helmet detects serious injury that is preventing the user from minimal combat efficiency due to pain it will inject the user with a dosage of morphine that will balance out the pain until the healing factor of the user heals the wound)
  • Filters (If they're under water or in a are with oxygen but hazardous elements they can filter the oxygen out even under water!)
  • Air Tight (If there in a environment for some reason that has no oxygen their helmet can go air tight automatically when there's no air and provide six hours and thirty minutes worth of air)
  • GPS (They can use and satellites that are on earth to point at their direction and show them where they are.)
  • Distress (If a Super Soldier becomes unconscious or has there helmet off for more than twenty minutes or even being attacked a distress signal will be sent alerting any near by AOTUS units to assist with in a mile radius)
  • Dictionary Scan (Almost like having the entire internet in your hand, the helmet can scan any unknown item and look for any elements from the periodic table that's inside it, and best describe what it is. It gives information also on known item all over the world an example would be able to tell what type of tree or vehicle is being scanned and give interesting facts or information on how to use or operate if necessary)
  • Zoom (Almost like binoculars the user can focus on a target and zoom in on it making it looking a hundred feet closer, there are three levels of zoom each one increases the magnification by a hundred feet to a max of three hundred)

Description: The SSH is one of the most important pieces of equipment to the super soldier second to his or her suit, the SSH works by having a advanced CPU programmed to do certain objectives when a situation occurs, all of the following above the user can do with a simple thought making their combat skills increased with the helmet they can access night vision or zoom with a simple though or scan unknown objects for information.


No Caption Provided

Super Soldier Suit

Weight: 713 lbs

Height: 7'0

Following Capabilities and Interesting Facts.

  • Energy Shields (100 small blue bars are shown in the HUD each bar is capable of with standing 100 pounds of pressure before depleting it takes a total 10,000 Mega Joules worth of pressure to deplete in instantly, It has a recharge rate of 1 bar per 10 seconds when not taking damage)
  • Green Armor (it's made out of A+ Grade Titanium)
  • Black Kevlar (Since it would hinder mobility if it was made out of pure titanium the black spots are made out of very very strong custom made Kevlar that can withstand a few shots before going completely through)
  • Physical Boost (It gives Super Soldiers ten times their normal strength and triples their speed and make their reaction time with the suit 10 milliseconds)
  • Carries Morphine (To reduce pain or suppress it)
  • 6 hours and thirty minutes of oxygen
  • EMP Proof (It has a strange magnetic field that makes it immune to EMP'S when the suit is on)
  • Unusable (Only the user can use the suit since every suit has a code that needs to be entered before it will work)
  • Magnets (It has magnets built in on the out side, so they can't be captured by a large magnet since it would repel it another reason they have this is because when their slots containing ammo or back weapons are full they can use the magnets to carry more)
  • Gives out 1 Terrawatt of energy (It has enough energy to work at 100% efficiency for a month before it starts to deplete)
  • Nanites (When the suit gets severely damage it shuts down forcing the user to get out while the suit repairs itself which usually takes several hours)
  • Solar Energy (When the suit shuts down after running out of energy for what ever reason it has a back up generator that gives it another hour of energy and make is work at 50% the suit also can be recharged by solar energy after a few days)

Description: The SSS is the most important item of a Super Soldier providing them maximum protection from almost any hazard when they have their helmet on, the suits are the most advanced made by AOTUS and very expensive, that's why when Super Soldiers are born they have photographic memory to remember the codes for their suit and only the highest ranking officials can reset a suit to use it. Since the suit is made of titanium the user must be strong enough to move in it and hence why the majority are only used by super soldiers who fatigue very little while in it, the black spots you see are a custom made Kevlar more flexible and a hundred times more durable then normal Kevlar, the suit has this Kevlar to make Super Soldiers more comfortable and flexible.


Ultra Tank

No Caption Provided

Weight: 70 tons

Height: 20 feet

Width: 18 feet

Length: 18 feet


AOTUS Drop Ship

No Caption Provided


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AOTUS Characters (Essential NPC'S)

AOTUS Characters (Essential NPC'S these guy can't be killed when I make the team thread.)



Weight:189.8 pounds

Age:Eighty (Physically thirty four)

Johnson on mission X

The break through

First Contact

Story/Origin of Johnson Part 1

In the year 1931 a boy named Johnson was born his father was a man named Johnny Carpenter and his mother was Catherine Pryde his father was a business man and his mother was a housewife his father and mother were both born Americans his father's father served in the first world war and died during it, Johnson never knew his grandfather. Johnson had a normal life but there was still racism towards him due to his skin color besides that he had a regular life scoring B+'s and occasions A's when he was at the age of ten his father went to war to serve his country. His father died at 1945 during the battle of Ruhr Pocket after this his life went spiraling out of control his mother now by herself attempted to keep the family afloat but they went broke his mother lost the house, she tried to take care of her son even resulting to prostitution in which she was raped and strangled to death.Now alone Johnson had no other choice but to join one of the gangs of new york at age fifteen. After four years as a criminal, Johnson could not stand it anymore and quit the gang and joined the military at age nineteen by the time he finished he was sent to korean war he fought for the three years valiantly and earned several medals he had the highest kill count out of all the soldiers sent there which was a total of 3'785 kills. Johnson then joined the war in Vietnam but in 1965 he was kidnapped by several of his own friends and found himself in a strange location the head quarters of the AOTUS!

Story/Origin of Johnson Part 2

Johnson now at the age of thirty four was given the option to serve his country under the name of AOTUS he was told that he would be doing more good than he was doing before, Johnson agreed to the idea, as soon as he agreed they injected him with a strange serum.It was explained to him that he now is an agent of the U.S and he will need to live as long as possible the serum they injected him with slowed his aging process to the point it would take him one hundred years to age one year physically, other benefits included the strength of ten men the ability to move as twice as fast as any ordinary human and almost instant regeneration to the point he could even regrow limbs. Johnson participated several mission with his partner Agent K his code name was Agent J while K's code name was actually his code name. Mission X was one of his greatest feats and heroics second to the break through.

Mission X

Five years after joining the AOTUS he and his partner killed several CIA double agents and terrorists came their first contact with an Alien species known as the Yautja, Johnson and K were loaded out with there standard load out their Berettas and plasma rifles usually this would be a job for the MIB but they decided to check it out on board they found several dead Yautja realizing what has happened they immediately went it to clear the area for hostile inside they found dozens of black creatures they fought there way through several waves of them until they killed them all in the end the kill together over a hundred of them, they went to check the aliens data base and found out info on these creatures their names were Xenomorphs. They also found out there were several hundreds of these ships and each had a queen they contacted the AOTUS HQ and went on an Genocide mission after two months they had the locations of the last hive which was in africa Johnson was dropped down with several dozen platoons of clone troopers to fight there way in out of the thousands troops only five made it with him to the hive which had millions of Xenos they activated the bomb and ran out the explosion seemed to kill everything inside the cave but Johnson was the only survivor killing thousands of Xenos during his trip he found him self face to face with a bad blood Yautja weary and tired he fought him in a epic battle nearly dying of his wounds several times but managed to get an opening a broke it's collar bone and crushed it's head. When Johnson returned back to base all his fellow agents applauded him even the creator of the organization thanked him saying that he saved the humanity from extinction and what he did was impossible.

The Break Through

Twenty years after Mission X the incident known as The Break Through occurred a strange parasite got into the base through the inter dimensional teleporter and started infecting everything on site Johnson knew the base was to important to be lost he and K locked everything in the direction of the creatures, they were the only personnel inside and fought valiantly after several days of fighting they killed every parasite another several days past until the doors opened and they were dragged away to be healed.


  • Brave: Johnson probably one of the bravest men alive
  • Prideful:
  • Wise: He never rushes into a fight (now that's he an officer he gives very useful advice)
  • Clever
  • Suspicious to others: (He's kind of an asshole to rookies)
  • Stubborn
  • Smart ass


  • Super accuracy: Johnson is the most accurate man alive as long as his gun can fire a bullet at such distance he can achieve the goal, he once killed a CIA double agent with a pistol from 200 feet in one shot.
  • Bullet Time: Just like Prime he can move so fast for a few seconds that regular humans are slow as snail compared to him.

He is usually found in the base of operations area.

Second NPC


Height: 10'0 or 1'0

Weight: 6 ounces

Age:50 (looks in her early twenties )

Story/Origin of Diana

No Caption Provided

In the year 1961 an Artificial Intelligence was created, her name was Diana she was created by the worlds smartest scientists and is the smartest on A.I in AOTUS with an IQ of 445 and advanced programing she easily multi tasks with AOTUS objectives and missions, she even helped managed the Super Soldier program in the first year she was created. Her role since the Super Soldier program was cancelled were many and here are the following

  1. Keep the base at 100% efficiency including electricity ,air conditioning,structural damage, she would alert AOTUS engineers and workers to fix the problems before they get worst.
  2. Defending the base, Diana has eyes and ears due to everywhere there is a gun cam which is almost everywhere she is there, her job is to make sure no non AOTUS personnel resides in the base with out permission if they refuse they face death.
  3. Information, Diana has 90% of all of Americas secrets and projects, with a high enough clearance she can give the following personnel almost all the information they need.
  4. Updating Sentinels, Diana casually updates the sentinels to improve their combat capabilities and energy sources
  5. AOTUS command, Diana helps Captain James Greggory Cutter in managing units by giving them several others and objectives almost all at once.
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AOTUS recruits

No Caption Provided

Agent K walks in a room with other men ''Greeting ladies and gentle men I think we have out Patriot Team'' K then starts passing

envelops with information.

The Team

Liberty Prime

No Caption Provided

Height: 36'0

Weight: 4.3 metric tons

Role: Agent Leader

Current Age: 36

Origin: Liberty Primes origin starts with him joining the military when he was sixteen back than his real name was Steve Rogers, he easily passed training to become a U.S ranger. After twenty three years of fighting for America, in several wars and even special operation missions he was finally on his way back home at the age of thirty three

this is when his patrol were attack by terrorists his jeep was blown up by a RPG several pieces of his body including his limbs were blown across the battle

field the only remain of his was his head, upper torso and arms he picked up his rifle despite his injury and stood his ground and managed to kill

all the terrorists by himself despite his injuries by the time help arrived he was the only survivor and was unconscious, they immediately took him to medical attention amazingly his will power to live and adrenaline managed to help him survive twenty minutes before going into surgery, during surgery they removed

his brain as there was no other way to save him, the AOTUS organization heard of his bravery and feats and instead of letting him be a brain in a jar for the rest of his life, implanted his brain in a cybernetic body, Steve feeling that he owed his life to them asked to be an agent of America to once again serve his country.

James Carpton

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Role: Agent

Origin: James was the owner of a high-end tech manufacturer,called "Dream.Tech",and was mainly working as a military supplier.He was sitting at home on 9/11 when,right outside his window,he saw the incident....he saw the fall of the twin-towers.A week later,he constructed a suit of amour,and also ceased production of any heavy duty tech.He now devotes himself to protecting innocents.

Francis J. Ken

Francis J. Ken

Age:28(Clone Age)


Weight:270 pounds


On Friday,November 22nd,year 1963,I was assassinated.One fatal gunshot from a poor man wanting to prove a point.But that man failed to prove his point,for I lived on.The government of the U.S.A. had my mentality copied in the case of my death,and had a clone created to place it within.Unfortunately,the clone was destroyed in a freak accident.They had to improvise,so they placed my mind within a cloned super-soldier.When I awoke,they informed me of my circumstance.They said the world was not ready for me to return,so they created me a new identity in exchange for my help.I aided the government in their war's,they allow me to help the public of the United States the best way I can:As a hero of the people.My one way to earn a living is,although I do not like it,as a mercenary.I only accept the jobs that won't lead to innocents suffering,and were against those of the most evil of characters.I am Francis J. Ken,agent of the United States.I do not Pray for an easy life,I only Pray to be a stronger man.


Two katanas,20 shurikens,a combat knife and hypnotic gas

He took a serum that granted him peak human strength,durability,reflexes

he can predict his foes moves before he makes them(like Mr X)

he is a master martial artist

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Agents Of The United States Head Quarters AOTUS HQ!

This is the head quarters of agents that work for America

No Caption Provided


List of years being active-250 years

Funding-Unknown likely high/Confidential

Main Entrance

No Caption Provided

The location of the AOTUS is located this mountain named Mount Siana the base is inside and under it

No Caption Provided

Advanced military ships pick up agents all around the world and drop or pick them up carrying them to their destination that small

tunnel you see there is the door, it's ten feet thick with reinforced steal several military soldiers and spec op's guard the main entrance with

heavy fire power.

Security and Units

No Caption Provided

Military Police

Gender: Male or Female

Height:5'9 or 6'0

Weight: 200 lbs or 265 lbs

Age: Twenty minimum, Sixty maximum

These guards are known as military police they collected all around the world using ONLY the best police officers in a prescient

there weapons have been modified to deal with moderate to minor threats, there weapons consist of a

a Remington Model 11-87 that fires Adamantium bullets and their secondary weapon a Beretta 92 pistol which also fires

adamantium rounds. They guard several areas of the base which are to numerous to even possible mention in a day, there armor [Helmet and Vest] is

also made out of adamantium every officer carries a radio and I.D card.

No Caption Provided

Clone Soldiers

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0

Weight: 225

Age: Thirty

The main security force of the base are clone soldiers, they were made by the hidden advanced technology of America the process

started by extracting several sample of the best U.S soldiers of the decade and clone them after several failures they were finally created

and enhanced to perfection each soldier was identically the same with the only exception is other clones that are from other hosts

they are able to age twice as fast as humans by the time a child was ten a clone would be twenty and ready for duty,

No Caption Provided

When the clones reach the age of fourteen, they begin learning the basics of learning how to shoot and use cover but before that

they all study history, math, language, science, when they are seventeen they are sent into an isolated island [confidential] and fight

veteran clones and attempt to take over the island they use non-lethal weapons during this course and repeat until they win when a clone

reaches thirty the accelerated growth process stops and the clones get a massive physical boost allowing them to run faster and punch harder than

any human at his/her peak they would move twice as fast as a peak human and have the strength of two men another bonus is that when they reach thirty they age twice as slow than an ordinary human making clones a very good defender for AOTUS HQ.

There standard load out is a M4 carbine and Beretta 92 of which both shoot adamantium rounds, there armor is the exact

same of a regular U.S Marine.

No Caption Provided


Height: 20'0

Weight: 5 tons

Age: N/A

Also created by America's advance technology were sentinels, the purpose of their creation were to combat the threat of super villains ever

foolish to attack the base. They are often deployed in dire need situations to aid defending the base or help in key plan operations they are

all capable of transforming into several vehicles including cars,planes,submarines,boats,helicopters ect. There weapons are extremly powerful

even there most common weapons the arm cannon is capable of destroying a tank they have an array of weapons ranging from Pistols,Rifles,Mini guns,Shotguns,Rocket launchers,Sniper Rifles and several more designed for them and like previously stated all there weapons are fire adamantium projectiles

they are mechanical in nature and thus they require a large amount of energy to operate that's why they are not commonly used in operations but if used they ARE A THREAT TO BE RECKONED WITH!.

No Caption Provided

Gun Cam's

As the name suggests these are cameras attached with guns one gun camera by itself can easily spew hundreds of 50.cal sized adamantium bullets, all cameras are controlled by the A.I Diana.



Super Soldiers

No Caption Provided

Gender: Male or Female

Height: 6'7 (with out armor) 7'0 (with)

Weight: 287 (with out armor) 1'000 lbs (with armor)

Age: Twenty to Thirty

Population: Thousands (Estimated between 30'000 or 40'000)

Origin: Super Soldiers are created by AOTUS by bio engineering them (Artificial created not clones think of them as humans created through a machine but with different DNA from several other people) since birth with the regular aging process of a human but with greater understanding there brain has Intuitive Aptitude which allows them to understand more and learn quicker, at the age of four they are taught everything including spelling,math,science,history,social studies weapons ect, by the age of seven they start there military being trained by veteran navy seals till there are the age of eighteen this is where they are injected with a serum that increases their healing factor a thousand times over they are than put to an experiment known as the super soldier program which the AOTUS scientist preform various surgeries and inject them with several serums with the final experiment is bonding adamantium to the bones of the soldiers since with their incredibly advanced healing factor they survive this procedure being more durable than they were before, they are than equipped with super advanced power armor which includes radar,hud,communicator and powerful energy shields.

STATS with out armor

Strength: 4 tons

Speed: 25 mph

Endurance: Peak human

Agility: Peak Human

Pain resistance: Very High

Combat capabilities: High

Stamina: Peak human

STATS with armor

Strength: 40 tons

Speed: 75 mph

Endurance: Super Human

Agility: Super Human

Pain resistance: Extremely high

Combat capabilities: It quadruples their combat capabilities

Stamina: Peak Human

Feats: They can doge bullets and their reaction time is 10 milliseconds and immunity to telepathic assaults (there helmets protect them) and with out adamantium bones they heal 500 x times quicker than a human but with adamantium they only heal 250 times quicker.


International Dimension Generator

No Caption Provided

Another amazing feat of the technology, this is the generator that creates wormholes for the AOTUS that allows them to enter

other dimensions to gather resources knowing the dangers of this the AOTUS created an elite group of real spec op soldiers

to handle this predicament all soldier were outfitted in power armor and given plasma weaponry that can melt almost any known

weapons instantly, the power armor gave the individual spec op soldier the strength of a hundred men the durability of a tank and the

speed of a cheetah, they are sent into other dimension to clear the area and mind for resources they can create wormholes so those that entered

the unknown dimension can return with supplies, one year they found a planet a barren planet which seemed to look like the apocalyptic version of earth

this is where they found the metal Adamantium [Which is slightly more stronger and durable then the marvel version].

The spec op soldiers that go through dimensions

They enter the portal
They enter the portal
And enter here.
And enter here.

Base of operations

Sector D (Offense Sector) Jeremiah, Sally , and Johnson are the officers of this sector
Sector D (Offense Sector) Jeremiah, Sally , and Johnson are the officers of this sector
Sector I (Agent Data Base) Agent K is the officer of this section and Diana monitors the information.
Sector I (Agent Data Base) Agent K is the officer of this section and Diana monitors the information.

Sector L (The Break room) Every body is aloud.

This is the sector for information, this is where agents go for debriefing or communicate to HQ D sector is where

several operators brief agents or send then reinforcements (Clone Soldiers, Sentinels ect,) or even supplies for ammo

I sector is where all the information is gathered which is about 50% percent of everything America has and knows is in there it's

operated by agent K. The L sector is the break room for operators there is almost any type of food their that can be found.

The Slums

The lower level of the base where several pieces of tech and supplies are kept in storage.
The lower level of the base where several pieces of tech and supplies are kept in storage.
Door opens and you go down to the supplies and tech
Door opens and you go down to the supplies and tech

The status zone.

No Caption Provided

After agents come back from their missions weary and tired they can relax here where other agents come their is tv and a armory down stairs and a kitchen up.

Danger Rooms

No Caption Provided


The Danger room is a spherical room that can produce holographic images that feel, smell, sound, and most likley can even taste like real things. The Danger Room has a circular viewing deck attached to the ceiling, which also holds all the controls that power the room.


Designed by several of the greatest minds on earth, the Danger Room's purpose is to give agents constants training and discipline

so they can be prepared for almost anything, in the control room the trainers install several programs for agents to practice fighting there

are a total of 100 levels and even the spec op soldiers and highest ranked agents can only make it to level 50, there are several danger

rooms in the base so several agents can train by themselves or with others.

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