Coolest Covers

I plan on making a list of my top 100 coolest covers.%26nbsp%3B I would love suggestions because this may take a while.%26nbsp%3B I am not including variant covers only because I want the person%26nbsp%3B who views my list to know what cover I am talking about without refereeing them to another link for each book.%26nbsp%3B

List items

Posted by ComicMan24

Nice selection.

Posted by Jotham

Good call on the Fables one. Of course, if I made this list it would be all Fables covers.
How about the cover to The Dark Knight Returns #1?

I also think this All-Star Superman #10 cover is cool.

Posted by Leliel

Ah is it just cool for Batman to have so many badass covers?

Edited by kev17

Just my opinion but this list isnt complete without bradstreet