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Well you have to take into account batman's upbringing, growing up rich in gotham the most likely star wars alternative would be growing up in some rich empire controlled planet right? like a senators son or something. Him going against the empire seems pretty unlikely in this context. He'd probs be for law and order like he is in the DC universe, and the Empire sort of represent order in their universe.

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Just read the first 3 issues of the original Powerman series, it's actually pretty good. A lot of people write the characters early adventures off as stereotypical blaxpoitation trash, but I would definitely say that as a comic is was a lot better written and certainly a lot deeper in terms of themes then most of the comics being made at the time. Archie Goodwin had an amazing concept for a superhero

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I honestly don't think it would be Daredevil, the reason Joker likes toying with Batman is because hes so stoic all the time and so hard to actually get a rise out of; Daredevil is not like that, if you piss him off he's gonna let you know about it. I actually think Joker would find Daredevil too 'easy' to torment, someone with a more reserved personality like Captain America would be more Jokers cup of tea

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Daredevils new sidekick looks pretty cool

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Well I kinda wanna say Bad because it's been stated before that Frank kills because he likes it, and the whole vigilante thing is a convenient excuse to do his thing

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@xargo said:

@koshi_waza88: humans are a terrible degenerative species for the most part all they've done is suck up the worlds natural resource while simultaneously screwing up the planet with greed, stupidity and lack of care, amazing that in their billions of years evolution they didn't become any less savage (hell muslims still live in the middle ages with there idiotic ways) their are only 4 races of humans on this planet that aren't completely useless americans, british australians and canadians and even they're on the low shot, batman's no better in many respects but hey he's only humans so theirs not much to expect.

I'm sorry but what the hell is this Sh*t, everyone just gonna let this go??

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I won't lie that like most people I thought Fantastic Four was a bad film, but I don't agree that the acting was as bad as people were saying it was. While it's true that the whole 4 of them didn't have a whole lot of chemistry going on (though Reed and Ben's bromance was pretty cool) the induvidual performances I thought were pretty good, particularly that of Ben Grimm and Johnny storm; I'm not saying I like that Johnnys race was changed and I'm not saying that I didn't, but Micheal B. Jordan played Johnny Storm on point and I honestly don't see how someone could say he didn't, personality wise one of the most faithul representations of Johnny Storm I've seen, right down to the relationship with his father.
Also Jamie Bell was pretty damn good as Ben Grimm, especially pre transformation.

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I seriously love these, personally kinda digging shark man, it's kind of a corny name but when you think of what a character like that would be like you realise he would be pretty badass

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Oh God....