The Dig Deep Episode 1: Amazing Spider-Man #252


The interns have a show!... kinda!

Matt "Bodega" Kessler and Steve "Lemon" Ramirez present The Dig Deep, the show where we take a look at the comic, games, movies and tech that inspired the editors of the Whiskey Media sites and ask the important question; Do those products stand the test of time?

In Episode 1, Matt and Steve take a look at the Comic Book that got Comic Vine Editor In Chief Tony Guerrero into comics in the first place: The Amazing Spider-Man #252. Can this influential comic still hold up for a pair of modern whippersnappers? Tune in as the interns try and fine out!

Or don't tune in! Or go make a sandwich! Whatever you want! We're easy!


Lemon Lens: Baseballs, Rehearsals, and Tumbles

Welcome once again to the irregularly regular Lemon Lens feature! Today, we have some footage from the Giant's Victory Parade. Some acting lessons from Norman Chan, and some life risking Whiskey Staff moments!          

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Lemon Lens: Minecraft

Let Norman "Shake Weight" Chan be your Minecraft server tour guide. Let me stress one thing before you hit the play button; there is a lot of Minecraft in the video. You've been warned.       

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Lemon Lens (Dave's Birthday)

What's in store for tonights Lemon Lens you ask? (You probably didn't ask) Great question duders! Well, tonight is a special Happy Hour preparation video staring the entire Whiskey Office! Plus, you get a new angle on the all too infamous Dave Snider birthday ambush. Hope you enjoyed the gorilla, I know I did....*cough*...Let's not talk about that though...  


Lemon Lens (Star Trek Edition)

Tested's very own Norman Chan raises one particularly controversial question about Star Trek, and top man Ted responds with a theory of his own. Will, Ryan, and Rorie exchange a few words on the matter, but Drew sits back and watches the debate unfold infront of him. I won't spoil Rorie's tangential remarks for you, but trust me it's hilarious.  


Lemon Lens (Making The Big Live Show)

There was hours of behind the scenes footage to sort through. I managed to condense the September 9th chaos into a nice two-part special presentation. Think of it as a nice half-hour episode of FriendsWill & Grace, or Jackass! Tangential television comparisons aside, here is quick and dirty "making of" the Big Live Live Show Live!  
Enjoy Part 1 

Enjoy Part 2