Mash-Ups and Crossovers

I don't know about you guys, but I love crossovers. Oh, wait, let me try that again: 
For those who didn't notice: We live in a world completely void of super powers, power rings, awesome mutations and so on, besides animals, but they don't get into the kind of awesome battles we love to read about. So we read comics, of course not only for the fights, but also for character development and all that other crazy stuff that wouldn't happen the way it does without our favorite characters having super powers and their fights. We pick sides, we hope for our hero to win or sometimes even for the villain because we think "That would have the impact to create the story I always wanted."
But we already pick sides long before we start reading, even before buying. What do we want? Marvel? DC? Dark Horse? Image? There are some publishers out there, every one with their own characters and worlds with their own aspects that make the publisher recognizable, that only get in touch with each other really really rarely. I guess everyone remembers DC vs. Marvel, and once I owned a Spiderman/Batman crossover where they had to team up against the Joker and Carnage. Today, I would give my brother's right eye for that one, because it was awesome (as far I remember, but it had Joker and Carnage as villains, so it couldn't have been bad) and it made me realize the awesomness of crossovers at a quite early age.
Since then, every time I see a comic book character, I wonder if he or she could stand his ground against another one that just pops up in my head. My head is a crossover arena, where movies, books, comics, manga and videogames send in fighters they consider worthy, and my head makes it everyone vs. everyone.
But that's not all. Something else that is happening in my head is that I wonder which charakter would choose which site? What kind of a world could offer a place for literally everyone, a place where Mr. Freeze wouldn't have to freeze everything because it's cold enough for him to survive, but at the same time warm enough to have beaches (not ours, Alaska also exists in the DCU)?
What could bring them to that place? Why could it have brought them there? What's their purpose now? And my head keeps spinning and keeps spinning a tale of how, when, why and which characters could have been brought to a world where they all had to pick sides and face or help a big thread to all universes. Like, ALL universes, even those none of us has ever heard of.
Okay... I admit, this is a damn long introduction to the question I intended to ask, but yeah, bite me.
What do you think of such an Idea? Who would you want to see to team up or fight against each other? Is a team with Zoro of One Piece and Marvel's Deadpool imaginable? Would you like to see Devil May Cry's Dante fight against, let's say, Etrigan? And is it me or is this blog entry just really short?
p.s.: Before I forget it: Of course, there have been a lot of characters throughout history I just didn't think of and that I really wouldn't want in this world. Those characters are for example the Disney characters of Duckburgh, Warner Brother's Looney Tunes or the Carebears, because, let's say it together: Shit would be smoking and blood would be flowing and they surely were misplaced in that world.

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