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Posted by SC

I actually couldn't tell that you were a fan of Ares! Thats awesome man! Have you ever read Michael Avon Oeming's original five part mini? Ares has like one of the best quality ratios of any character around as far as mini's and one shots go!)

You got a good selection of books there, didn't know Fringe had a comic? Hah, the Goon is great! 
Posted by Lance Uppercut
@SC: Oemings mini was one of the best portrayals of the character. It introduced him to modern audiences again... albeit only for Bendis to snatch him up. But it also gave us Phobos and he's fantastic in Secret Warriors.

The Goon is one of my favorites. I got my older brother the first trade for his birthday, and he enjoyed it immensely. 
Posted by B'Town

Buffy makes the cut.  Are you going to pick up Season 9 and/or the new Angel and Faith series?!?  I hear, Buffy will be returning to a more Buffy like season and personally I think the idea of Faith and Angel in their own ongoing rocks mountaintops.