Which is the best hulk feature length movie

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i decided to take a break form spider-man for one day to talk about the green Goliath that is the hulk. As we well know, the hulk has had two feature length films, Hulk and The incredible hulk. The Hulk made by Ang lee in 2003 was universally panned by critics, while the Incredible hulk received a lot more favorable reviews. This really perplexes me for a couple of reasons. Firstly i think that Ang lee film had much better actors imo. I thought that Eric Banna was great and the general Thunderbolt Ross was well really good compared to his counterpart in the the incredible hulk. Nick Nolty was really good to. I really got a feel of the struggle between Bruce Banner and the hulk. I also thought that the comic style splitting while slightly 1970's, was really good and reflected the comic book heritage of the film. And his father becoming absorbing man was a good twist for me, even if it wasn't exactly true.

I also thought that this version of the hulk (2003) was most consistent with the one in the comics. His feats were amazing, and well that's what the hulk is known for in the comics. Critics seemed to hate his leaps across the desert but considering that's how he travels, then i will and have said to them "shut up and read a comic before you run up your mouth". I also liked his ability to home in on his hometown, as he did in the comics. And they showed his advanced healing factor and his ability to run at super-human speeds. I mean that sequence was amazing with him running across the desert before leaping. The only thing about the film i didn't like was Betty. I thought she was a bit weak in acting terms.

Now for the incredible hulk. First off i thought that the hulk was under-powered and his feats paled in comparison to the hulk in 2003. I also thought that Norton was a less convincing banner than Eric Banna. He wasn't depressed enough. And also the film was a bit predictable- I mean we could all see the massive fight with the abomination coming right? The only thing i liked more was the special effects (not that amazing considering the film is more recent) and the fact that the hulk spoke and even then it was only "Hulk Smash!!!!" (YES IT WAS MEGA EPIC) and "Betty". His thunderclap was really good too i guess.

Of course this is only my opinion and would love your input

So which is better


oh and by the way what do you think will be the hulk's role in the the new avengers movie.

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