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@Gambler: Beautiful post!! I love how you're able to work in so much history without it seeming forced. Very very nice. I do wish you'd stop making me feel all mushy about  our gorilla baby though. It's bad for my rep. ;-P
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@.Mistress Redhead. said:
" @Lady Tlieso: Ooooohhhh yeah baby! That little concoction will be fun when it hits the old mans body ;) Nicely played my dear! Love how little care you showed for Gambler, I adore her dark menacing side ;p  "
Well hopefully his poor old man body won't get too badly hurt.. ;-P  Yeah she's not super pleased with G at the moment. lol
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@The Dark Huntress: Thanks very much. :)
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@Gambler: It just took me a bit. Thanks! xD
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@kuchiku: Nice post, very creative with the tracking idea. :)
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Tlieso awoke to the succulent smell of roast beef mingled with the stench of death and decay, yet her mouth still watered. She couldn't remember the last time she had eaten anything, so focused on the delicious smell it took a moment for the man across from her to gain her attention. So this was the man responsible for her and her sons capture, she didn't know if she was more disgusted with herself for letting a decrepit old man like this get the drop on her or his horrorific table manners. Shifting as much as the restraints would allow her, a faint coppery scent wafted upwards. “Good evening my precious flower, I do hope our treatment ov you has not been too avful,” he leered at her, “oh my precious Liebling, please do not lay vour venom upon me." As his gaze skimmed over the revealing silk evening gown, the Mistress of Darkness inhaled deeply, smirking to herself as his arousal became more apparaent. Although restrained and drugged her kunoichi training meant she still had many weapons at her disposal. Not every battle was fought with blades and bullets. 

The Professor's white coat was soon splattered with fat and gravy as he spoke between bites, “Your vriends are already coming vor you Meine liebste Blumenblattblume.” A knock at the door interupted him to his obvious displeasure, as he turned to scold one of the many wax robots Tlieso shifted her attention to the warm viscious liquid that dripped between the toes on her left foot. It seems that she had yet another weapon at her disposal. Hiding her glee behind a mask of disgust wasn't hard when he graced her with one of his food covered smiles. As her captor rambled on and on, she went through all the Thaumaturgy spells to find the one best suited for the occasion. When he reached into his pocket her attention snapped back immediately, bracing herself as he held out the device she waited for the pain to begin. The screen emerging from the wall showed a blonde heroine battling over what she assumed was the complex she was contained in. "Why on Earth is she here?" Tlieso thought to herself, confused as to why this man was even showing her this. Dismissing him as a lunatic she began her mental preparations for the blood spell she was about to cast, one that would push the drugs that ran through her system into his. All she needed was for to touch her. 

“I can see vhy your old lover vould choose such a goddess for his new vife.” Her concentration broke and she made no attempts to veil the anger and shock in her eyes. “But she iz nothing compared to one of your beauty, ve assume he married her vor power.”"He may be complete slob but at least he had good taste", she thought as she  give him a long appraising look. Tossing the dirty napkin onto the table he approached her. “She iz of little consequence to us vor now, ve have bigger things to divert us." Tlieso raised on slim eyebrow in question as he moved behind her and began to caress her pale shoulders. Drawing power from the meager pool of blood under her foot she attempted to push the drugs from her body into his. Her shoulders dropping and chest heaving from the exertion of the all to brief contact. It would have to be enough. As the wall slid away to reveal a large water filled tank she felt a perverse spark of pleasure when she Gambler's naked form suspended inside. The man may be a cad but he was a damn fine looking one. Sighing behind her mask, she watched as the Professor danced over the tank and began to caress it longingly, waxing poetic about the King of Kings until he suddenly stopped. His face changing from rapture to disappointment to anger in seconds. “No more shall dis man disappoint me or anyvone else.” After a brief nod he turned away from the tank began as it began to boil. Manacled to the chair she watched the father of her only child writhe in agony before her and wondered her fate.     

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@The Dark Huntress: That's such a nice thing to say! ^_^
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@The Dark Huntress: It's almost scary isn't it? 
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@The Dark Huntress: Of course you do. xD

@Gambler: ;-P
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@Gambler said:
" Big thangs are coming "
Don;t make promises you can't keep.