Motor City Comic Con 2010

Went to the Motor City Comic Con yesterday. Saw some pretty cool costumes that I regret not taking pictures of now. A little kid Joker and Robin were the standouts along with the 501st Legion who are always amazing looking.  Bought some prints from Greg Horn (Yellow Lantern Scarecrow), Matt Busch (Zombie Wars) & some other guys who weren't as nice as those two were. Max Brooks was there signing World War Z, Zombie Survival Guide & Zombie Survival Guide Recorded Attacks. He signed Recorded Attacks for me and I may have fan girled a little. lol  Also picked a hilarious low budget horror movie called The Landlord, super nice guys & highly entertaining movie. 

Trades/Comics I picked up:

  • The Walking Dead - Book One
  • The Walking Dead - Book Two
  • Incredible Hercules - Smash of the Titans
  • Zombie Survival Guide Recorded Attacks by Max Brooks
  • Annihilation Conquest - Book One
  • Annihilation - Book Two
  • Annihilation - Book Three 
  • Executive Assistant Iris #1
  • Tapping the Vein - Book Three
  • Tapping the Vein - Book Four
  • Alias
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