WTF DC?!?!?!!?

Just like tons of other people the currently fucked up economy has had a negative effect on my financial situation. I don't have the excess money to spend on non-essentials like I used to so it pisses me off even more when that money gets wasted. I've seriously cut back on my pull list & I'm irritated enough to start cutting back even more now.
I don't like being forced to pay for comics I don't want. With DC putting that stupid Power Girl story into every comic I picked up is really freaking annoying! Why not use the space to extend the story of the comic I actually wanted to read? If I cared about Power Girl & her mammoth chesticles I'd read JSA but I don't. Nothing annoys me more than to be excited about the length of a comic I spent my dwindling funds on only to find out that half the book is an Advertisement!?!?!?! Is this DCs version of not raising their prices?
Oh yeah, picked up the new Flash book & thought it was great (other than the infomercial). Only thing that is still bugging me is Barry Allen's magic shirt. While he is in the Flash museum with Hal Jordan his shirt changes from white to red. Honestly, if the pages hadn't been facing each other I probably wouldn't have noticed. I'm just being irritable I guess.

For the first time in a long time I loved an X-Men comic. Uncanny X-Men #508 made me a very very happy girl. Next issue has Psylocke on the cover & I am so looking forward to it that it's a little sad.



I think that having a team with similar looks makes them look more united, like a show of solidarity. In my opinion the X-Men are a perfect example of this. (Not including Astonishing X-Men cause their uniforms are horrible.) All their uniforms are distinctive but they all have the X on them. Fantastic Four are another great example of a team with similar uniforms. Others have mentioned the Avengers, while I read all the books I don't really consider them a team in the same sense as X-Men or Fantastic Four. To me they are just a bunch of people who work together when it is convenient for them.

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Are you a Mutant??

are you a mutant?

According to the super high tech scan at the previously mentioned site I am a Mutant. 
My power is Optic Beams of Pure Energy.
My mutant name is Quantumforce.
My mutant ID number is 60566.
My mentor is Cyclops. (eew)

Happy Happy Happy

I love that the team is full of insanely powered crazy people. It's full of very distinct personalities and I'm looking forward to seeing how they work together. I was kind of unsure about Ares but his "Tis glorious crap!" line sold me. Moonstone, NohVarr, Bulleye.... good stuff.  If it all goes south at least there is a psychiatrist on hand.



I don't read Spider-Man so I have no plans to pick up this issue just because Obama is in it. In my opinion this is nothing more than a gimmick comic, something everyone is jumping all over & will never be worth anything anyways.



Before you complain I am perfectly aware that she is in New Exiles but that book is so god awful horrible that I consider it to be worth than death for her. I'd like for her to come back into one of the X-Men books, hell put her in the Captain Britain book and let her hang out with her brother, just get her out the New Exiles. It's a black hole of suckiness.
If I had to choose someone who was really truly gone it would be Meggan.

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Having been through the chrome hologram foil lithium cover trend I'm kind of over them. Yes, there are some that I really like and would have loved to have but in the age of Ebay thats not likely.  I'm not paying extra for the same comic just because the cover is different. I know that makes them more valuable but I buy comics to read, not to as collectable items.

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Yes but....

My current pull list runs me around $80 a month, a little more when there's a big crossover. Yeah its a decent amount of money but it's not something that is going to break me. I'm dropping some comics because some of them have not been holding my interest. New Warriors & all the Ultimate titles are going away on my next trip to the store, Umbrella Academy was dropped last month. There are far too many good comics out there for me to pay for something out of loyalty. Young X-Men is close to being on the list but I'm not 100% yet. In doing my part to help the economy I'm adding Wolverine to my pull. I know I sound like a broken record but Old Man Logan is amazing.


Resolutions for 2009

There has been somethings that have been annoying me for a very long time on this site. In the spirirt of the new year and it's resolutions I've decided to get them off my chest. This is all part of my resolution to start speaking my mind more often. If you're offended oh f*cking well.

  • People assuming that there is only one way to roleplay and make rules that new people have to follow in order to be "allowed" to join an RPG. Who made you the god of RPGs? Having people jump through hoops when they just want to have fun is going to discourage more people than help them. If these "rules" were around when I joined I would have never started roleplaying. Everyone has their own style of writing and while you may not agree with theirs it doesn't mean it's wrong.

  •  Yes of course god-modding is never allowed, that's a given. But how is refusing to take a hit any better? The lengths that some people will go to avoid taking a hit is just ridiculous!! Some of the names that have been thrown out as the "best" RPGers do it all the time! Maybe you should read the comics this site is supposed to be about once in a while. Even Batman gets his butt kicked every now and then.

  • Having a billion and two powers doesn't make you a bad ass, it just makes you boring.

  • Spell check is your friend!!! This applies to submissions as well. If you're going to take the time to write it out try spell checking it before hitting the submit button. Your name is going to be on it.

  • Get a life, a real one that is. Far too many people take this site so seriously that the lines between their character and themselves are starting to get a little blurry. When a character insults your character it is not a personal attack. 

Well I feel much better now. Hope everyone has a happy and safe new year!