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The Statue of Liberty shines on the great city of New York. Her torch a dim becon of hope compaired to the reigning hero of the world Lady Loveless. After saving New York City a countless number of times they decided to not give her just a day, but a whole week. Waving to the throngs of people lined across the street Lady Loveless's cheeks burned a bright red. Half part of which was do to her emotions getting the better of her and she radiated a shimmering glow. The other was the heat had seemed to increase 10 fold. And then a shadow appears blocking the sun out. "Oh my gosh, loook!" Someone from teh crowd yells. As panic and fear ran through the people as they scattered like mice scurrying into their safe little nooks and cranies to hide.  
Lurching herself around Lady Loveless's eyes are met by the giant being that towered over the city. His teeth snarling to a wicked smile of devilish deeds yet to be done. "You--yooo---your supposed to locked away!" Laldy Loveless stutters as she is stunned to once again he this demonic being. One that her and an alternate reality version of herself Mz P!NK sealed away a two piece talisman. One Mz PINK would keep in her realm and one Lady Loveless would keep. They decided to never meet as this could mean Shadowking could have even the slightest of chances to be released.  
Frantically grasping for her half of the talisman that was ALWAYS around her neck she realizes with horror Shadowking had something protruding from monsterous right claw of a hand. "Looking for this?" He dangles it in the air taunting her. Tears flooding down her face as if a dam had broken and her eye lids had been the flood gates. "Wipping her tears off with her sleeve she calls out. "Canti lets go!" A motorcycle zooms out from an alleyway. "Robot mode!" The motorcycle then uses pops a wheeley and suddenly transforms into a robot at leats 4 feet taller than Lady Loveless.  
"You fool it's too late! I have been set free! You can never stop me!" Then Shadowking transforms into a wave of evil darkness and despair. Canti begisn to rush towards Shadowking and is swept into the darkness. "No Canti!" Then the fates emerg seemingly out of nowhere to save the day. "Don't worry LL we've got this!" Yells Doctor Fate as he signals the rest to follow his lead, all of the fates follow. Doctor Fate and Doctor Strange combine their mystic powers to try and send Shadowking to another realm, a portal opens and sucks only a small part of his slowly rising pool of darkness. "Haha you fools!" Shadowking's face emerges from the goop as he swallows the two mystic doctors and the rest of the team, Destiny, Raven, Emma Frost, Martian Manhunter, all them...gone. "Not them too!!!" Yells LL in horror. Her alter version Mz P!Nk shows up from a portal opened up in the sky. "LL, I am so sorry, Shadowking escaped his prison and some how---" "I know Pink. It's terrible, we just have to stick together." 
Then Shadowking raises his claw from the goop of evil and reaches out for the girls. Their screams then transform into buzzing noises and beeps. The two girls still eyes wide and faces in pure terror look at each other in confusion. And then....morning. 5:00AM reads the alarm clock. "Wow, literally saved by the bell. LL chuckles to herself as she checks for her talisman. Her whole body is numb. She looks down and sees it tightly gripped in her hand, her knucles white from how tightly she was grasping it. Almost as tight as the vivid imagery of the drem. Looking at the silvery talisman she notices an evil grin reflecting back. Throwing it at the wall, she decides to just relax and get her mind away from all that. 
Living alone in her chic New York City apartment wasn't so bad. She was able to pay for such for nice place by doing some free lance hero work, and two other jobs. Besides her robot mototcyle Canti (which she parked on the roof), and her aquarium of tropical fish their was no one. Running away from home at age 16 she made a life for herself. Since bing gone she's contacted her mom and grandparents and they know she's doing alright. Her estranged father dies late last year do to her personal life and hero life colliding. It was revealed that he was one of her greatest foes and she had to fight him, had to...if she hadn't he threatend to blow up New York City and San Francisco. Both places she's called home and love dearly. Even if they weren't she couldn't live with all the pain of letting the people die.  
Thinking of what to eat for breakfast she tries to block out thoughts of her dream or her family. Deciding on a BLT she rushes off to the bathroom and starts some bath water. Then running back to the kitchen she cuts the tomatos into four slices. Opening the refridgerator she realizes how empty it looks and thinks before she comes home she should stop at the local deli and get some lunch meat,a nd also stop at teh local mart to get some other food. Scoping out the eggs and bacon she reemoves them both from their containers and lays out enough for two sandwhiches. Starting her oven she cracks an egg over the side on one pan, and then the other drops a few strips of bacon. By this time her alarm clock read 6:47AM. LL had to be at her first job of being a delivery girl by 8:30 so she still had plenty of time. 
With a few moments to spare she grabs the fish food out from a cabinet above her oven. Dropping a fair amount of flakes in, the fish gently float by as they inhale the flakes. She then runs into the bathroom and shuts off the bath water which at a perfect almost "hot tub" temperature. Then walking back to the kitchen she she adjusts the bacon and eggs one last time before they are prepaired to be eat. Going to her room she opens her closet to review her wardrobe. Searching with a rainbow barriage of clothes she finds one of her favorite casual zip up jackets that no matter time of year made her feel like it was fall. Then she planned the rest of her clothes out accordingly yo match around that crimson fall jacket. Laying her clothes out she rushes to the kitechen, shuts off the oven and remove the eggs and bacon from their temporairy homes of the frying pans.  
Stacking the sandwhiches to form the best breakfast meal ever she remembers one thing the mayo! Searching the fridge she finally finds it hiding behind the last bit of orange juice. Grabbing both she sets her BLTs on teh table next to the glass of orange juice. Eating her breakfast she sits back on a full stomach she sighs gratefully for what she has. "Ohhh, my life is great..."she says to the empty air as she glances at the alarm clock and sees that it says 7:26AM. Walking down the hall from the kitchen she enters the bathroom undresses and gently places her self in a hot cocoon of watery warmth. Absorbing her in it's steam it makes all her stresses melt away. "Ahhh, she says....this is the life!" Sighing she leans back against the end of the tub and just lies there with her eyes closed.  
Fast forward to 8:00AM when her alarn starts buzzing and beeping all over again. "Oh s%#@!!!" She yells as she quickly washes her hair and cleans herself. Jumping out the tub she grabs two towels, one for her hair and the other her body. Wrapping them around her she grabs her blow dryer and begins drying and combing her hair as fast as she could. 8:07AM. She struggles to get into her clothes as her body is still drying. Grabbing a scrunchey she ties her hair in a pony tail and grabs her deliveray hand bag and call for Canti. He jumps through the window as he had been waiting for her to call. "Canti! Go down the street, you can't be in here....specially in your robot form! Now go!" Pointing out the window from which he entered she sends him away. Grabbing everything in a last minute way she looks at the alarm clock one last time and sees that it reads 8:15AM. Locking her door she opens her window and runs down the fire escape. Letting loose the ladder at the bottom she sees Canti in his motorcycle form waiting for her. Jumping on they ride off to offiicially start her day. 
Leaving her talisman in her room it begins to send off a dim beam of light. And then goes out, it repeats this pattern until it shines it's light on a pigeon that landed on her window sil....
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