DC civil war siding list New 52

Llevenger has given me permission to make my own version of his list....but more focusing on the New 52 era, with a much more hesitant world when it comes to trusting heroes. Its much more Marvel like, meaning a civil war is possible now, or at least the factors that started it are more likely to occur.

Note, some bits of the New 52 thing are off, as its my version. So some groups like Teen Titans and the Suicide squad will have a different roster

The story

During a fight with Major Force, Captain Marvel accidentally set him off, causing a huge explosion akin to Nitro's. Akin to the Marvel world, the Nations of the DC world nearly all agree to pass various laws meant to control super heroes, akin to the Super Hero Registration Acts. The United States nominates John Stewart to lead the pro registration side, who recruits Captain Atom, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Black Lightning, Samurai, El Dorado, Black Vulcan and Captain Marvel early on. The governments of Russia and China send Rocket Red and August General in Iron to aid them as opposition appears.

Batman is a harsh critic of the law, and quickly becomes the lead force in opposing it. Quick to come behind him are the rest of Batman Incorporated, along with street heroes Static, Hardware, Question, Red Tornado, Apache Chief and Steel.

Superman, while a critic of the law, stays neutral, like Flash and Wonder Woman; Barry who is conflicted and Wonder Woman who is too busy with the gods and their current instability to care about the law.

After pressure from the leaders of the U.N, John leads his team to apprehend Bruce Wayne, due to Batman INC's support of the opposition, after obtaining aid from Ronnie Raymond, Hawkman, Firehawk, Skyrocket and Jason Todd. Attacking Wayne Tower, Bruce and his team hold their ground against the powerful force, before aid in the form of Nightwing, Black Canary and the Birds of Prey and Batwoman drive them off.

Planning to take the operation up a notch, the Pro forces obtain a Phantom Zone Projector from Lex Luthor, and begin to use it to seal away any heroes who will not join them. Using the threat, they gain the aide of many heroes, but lock many more away. Only two got away from the threat and joined the Resistance, Rocket and the Atom. They also gain the aid of the Suicide Squad

Emboldened with their success, the Pro side once again attacks Wayne Tower, driving them from Gotham entirely. They escape with the aid of Aquaman and Mera, who had gone into hiding when the war began via the Gotham river.

Regrouping in Markovia, Batman and his forces are given Asylum by Geo-Force, who didn't sign or agree with the Superhero Registration acts. Declaring Markovia a Hero Registration Act-Free zone, Batman begins to regroup. Making some calls, Batman and his allies recruit several more heroes to their cause, including PowerGirl, Terra, Metamorpho, Green Arrow, Donner and Blitzen, even Wonder Woman and Supergirl. Black Lightning switches sides after his daughter is captured and Big Barda leaves after Mr. Miracle escapes the Phantom Zone while Captain Marvel, still controlled by guilt but shocked at the pro side is doing, arranges for Mary and Freddy to be free of the war with Barry.

Getting recruits after their victory over the resistance, the Pro side continues to either force compliance,or imprison, heroes. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor manages to take over Brother Eye, and through it O.M.A.C, and Amazo, the robot being rapidly duplicated into an army.

With the AMAZO army and O.M.A.C, the pro side launches a massive invasion of Markovia.........

Who will win?

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