Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: war of worlds DC Vs Marvel

My previous blog idea for the Marvel Ultimate Alliance Game possible ideas (And no, they have not actually confirmed it), shows a major issue in the entire idea....

The fans are so broken over what game is best, with a lot of people wanting another original story, while the others liked the Civil War plot

Personally, as I have only a Wii I am not investing in Alliance 2, but I have an idea of how to create storyline that tops the epicness of the Civil War, and with originality of the first.


Though it does have a slight basis from a plot.....a very thought of plot.

The X-Over idea of Dc and Marvel

The basis of the story is this: you start out with two simultaneous battle scenes: one featuring the DC heroes and the other Marvel heroes, facing off against the same enemy, though not together. Imagine the villain like a mirror: one scene has him being attacked from the Right, the other from the Left, featuring a different group of heroes each time.

Then the bad guy does something, and each team of heroes gets randomly warped into the others world, though its not quite done like how it was in the opening of the two games (Eg, as opposed to Spiderman waking up with Captain America, Iron Man and Wolverine, he wakes up and finds random heroes like Sasquatch, Jubilee and Molly Hayes. In a similar vein, the DC characters wouldn't wake up in a group of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern, but as Superman, Animal Man, Stargirl and Saint Walker)

Each act in the game is locked: example act 1 is in the DC world featuring the Marvel Characters with a lot of optional missions to find each other, while Act 2 is the DC characters in the Marvel world doing the same, while also dealing with the culture clash.

Act 3 would feature the villain from before beginning to create tears in the DC world, and Act 4 the Marvel World...with Act 5 the big meeting point and final boss battle for the fate of two worlds.

The roster (Featuring well known and a few, less known characters)


Column HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn Head
SpidermanKitty Pryde & LockheedHawkeyeDoctor StrangeKatie Power
Miss MarvelJubileeLuke CageMister FantasticRogue
Iron ManGambitIron FistThingCloak and Dagger
Captain AmericaIcemanRocket RaccoonHuman TorchScarlet Witch
ThorStormSasquatchInvisible WomanWonder Man
HulkJean GreyCaptain BritainSpider-Woman (JD)Namor
WaspNightcrawlerWiccanNicoStar Lord
Hank PymQuicksilverHulklingKarolinaQuasar
CyclopsBladeVisionMolly HayesGroot
WolverineDaredevilStatureChase Stein & Old LaceGladiator

Marvel Characters also sent but NPC's: Nick Fury, Jarvis, Beast, Kate Bishop, Pixie, Jessica Jones, Mary Jane Watson, Forge, Xavin, X-23, Ghost Rider


Column HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn Head
BatmanGreen ArrowTroiaBlack CanaryAqualad
SupermanNightwingSwamp ThingHawkmanKyle Rayner
Wonder WomanVibeKid FlashDoctor LightRed Robin
Martian ManhunterAnimal ManBlue BeetleMister TerrificBatgirl
FlashStarfirePower GirlStaticKrypto
AquamanBeast BoyTerraSupergirlBooster Gold and Skeets
ZatannaCyborgSteelSuperboyCaitlin Fairchild
FirestormRavenWonder GirlStargirlMidnighter
Plastic ManRavagerSaint WalkerRed TornadoApollo
Captain AtomCarol FerrisAtrocitusCatwomanGrifter

DC Characters also sent but NPC's: Oracle, John Constantine, Doctor Mid-Night, Jay Garrick, Wildcat, Jenny Quantum, Damian, Death of the Endless, Alfred, Lois Lane, Billy Batson

Oh...and enough battle disks for each hero and villain.

Speaking of whom....

DC villains (Faced by Marvel)

Column HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn Head
JokerDoomsdayMirror MasterTrigonSolomon Grundy
Poison IvyToymanGorilla GroddAmazoRiddler
Killer CrocLivewireReverse FlashMajor ForceAnton Arcane
Mr. FreezeBizarroMaleficMaxwell LordScarecrow
AnarkyLex LuthorLarfreezeRa's Al GhulFelix Faust
Harley QuinnBlack MantaSinestroVandal SavageNergal
BaneOcean MasterBlack HandLoboPrometheus
CheetahCaptain ColdDeathstrokeRoyal Flush GangHelspont
GigantaWeather WizardDoctor LightSilver BansheeBlack Adam
CirceHeat WaveMammoth and ShimmerHolocaustDarkseid

Marvel Villains (Faced by DC)

Column HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn Head
RhinoTechnovoreSuper SkrullWhirlwindBlackheart
Doctor OctopusBlizzardDoctor DoomMystiqueAbomination
ElectroM.O.D.O.KMole ManMaster MoldThe Leader
ShockerBullseyeAnnihilusApopcalypseAbsorbing Man
SandmanFlagsmasherKangMister SinisterJuggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy
LizardRed SkullUltronDeadpoolSuper Adaptoid
Green GoblinLokiBaron MordoDeathbirdTaskmaster
VenomSurturDeacon FrostVulcanHobgoblin
CarnageThe Wrecking Crew (Count as one)SongbirdCount NefariaAttuma
Crimson DynamoThanosSabretoothMephistoNitro is so awesome it would probably only be released on an X-Box 360.....and probably will never happen, but I have dreams.